LIST: Congressional Town Hall Meetings Nationwide · Intervention Opportunities
September 3, 2013 • 9:40AM

The following is a partial national list of the remaining Congressional town hall meetings for the August recess. LaRouchePAC is posting this list to inform activists nationally of opportunities to intervene and challenge your member of Congress to immediately put his or her support behind the restoration of Glass-Steagall, to bankrupt Wall Street and lay the basis to mobilize the productive powers of our people to rebuild the nation.

Print out leaflets available on the ORGANIZE page of this website, invite your friends and family to attend, intervene and challenge your member of Congress, get the contact information of others who attend the town meetings, help LaRouchePAC grow its network, post videos of your interventions online to inspire others, and call into our national headquarters to report your activities and receive further marching orders: 1-800-929-7566

Please send information about other town meetings which you find out about that are not included in this incomplete list: [email protected]

NB: Please be advised to always call into your Congressman's district office to confirm the times and locations of the events listed below, and to find out about other meetings that may not yet be included in this list.

Congressional Town Hall Meetings during August, organized alphabetically state-by-state:


Representative Brad Sherman (CA-30)

September 15, 2013
3:00 - 4:30 pm
El Camino High School
5440 Valley Circle Blvd.
Woodland Hills


Susan Brooks (IN-5)

September 16, 2013
11:30AM - 1PM
Anderson City Hall (Lobby)
120 E 8th St, Anderson, IN

September 24, 2013
11:30AM - 1PM
Glendale Library
6101 N Keystone Ave, Indianapolis, IN