Sectarian War Is Aflame Across North Africa/Southwest Asia
August 24, 2013 • 8:56PM

The August 23rd attack in Tripoli, Lebanon, which targeted Sunni-Salafi mosques during the Friday prayer, following the car bomb attack on a Shia neighborhood in Beirut last Thursday (Aug. 15), has the earmarks of a "third party" intervention to set the Shia-Sunni bloody civil war on the front burner. This was the same tactic used in Iraq in 2005-2006 following Dick Cheney's visit to Riyadh, where he discussed the Sunni Triangle versus the Shia Crescent, which started the bloddiest sectarian carnage ever witnessed in the region.

In Lebanon, the Wahhabi-backed Salafists will easily claim the Friday bombings came from Hizbollah, as Hassan Nasrallah warned the Takfiris (Wahhabi jihadists) with very strong language, following the attack on his followers last Thursday.

But a Thursday Hizbollah statement (by its parliamentary fraction) went beyond finger-pointing at rival Muslims to blame "regional intelligence services," which could only refer to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In that statement, Hizbollah said, "This [Aug. 15] terrorist blast was engineered by regional intelligence services that are benefiting from the policies of incitement adopted by some March 14 factions. These groups are investing in terrorist takfiri organizations to carry out their plans." These Sunni fanatics have targetted Lebanon, Hizbollah continued, because of the "catastrophic failure of these takfiri gtroups to achieve the goals set out for them in Syria." Therefore, their failure "has forced their handlers to use them inside Lebanon instead."

The Lebanon-based newspaper, Al Akhbar, reported this Hizbollah statement Aug. 23, adding that it "points the finger in the direction of Saudi Arabia and its chief of intelligence, Bandar bin Sultan."

It is not just Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq that are aflame.

The sectarian madness is spread all over the Islamic world, all the way to Morocco. For example, a Friday prayer in a Morrocan city on the day of Eid Al-Fitr, which is supposed to be the celebration of the end of Ramadan and a time for joy and reconciliation. But the preacher suddenly started cursing the Shia with very ugly language. The funny thing is, that there are almost no Shia Muslims in Morroco to speak of, but the anti-Shia drive is all related to what is going on in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq. The Saudi Wahhabi movement is gaining ground in Morocco, and the government is turning a blind eye to their growth, because the King of Morocco has committed himself to the anti-Assad operation and is in need of Saudi-Gulf money and oil.

In Egypt, the sectarian, barbaric slaughter on June 23 of a Shia cleric, Hasan Shahata, an Egyptian who had converted to Shi'sm, and his 3 of his followers, was a major event. The victims were pulled out of Shahata's home out to the street by a mob and were beaten and stabbed to death in the open. The whole event, which took place a few meters away from a Muslim Brotherhood local office without them intervening, was filmed and spread on Salafi TV channels and YouTube.

The news of this slaughter and the footage which was then spread, was condemned by the anti-Morsi forces, and became a further trigger for the millions who came out in the streets on June 30 to overthrow the MB government. Citizens, and obviously the military, were totally horrified that the MB and the Wahhabi extremists mean business (killing anybody they term "Kafir," apostate).

A few days earlier, the Egyptian people had received another, similar shock. In the pro-Syrian rebel festival held in stadium in Cairo (which actually looked like a Nazi Nueremberg rally), and was attended by Morsi, some Salafi clerics not only attacked the Shia in Iraq, Iran, Syria and Lebanon, but one of them (Mohammad Abdel Maqsood) called every Egyptian who would come out against Morsi on June 30 a Kafir, and he led a prayer calling on God to destroy them and save the Morsi government, which was received with wild acclamation by the frenzied mob. Morsi was sitting there nodding his head.

This rally immediately triggered a massive media campaign that evening, where horrified commentators were showing videos of that section of the festival and telling viewers that the slaughter carried out by the same people in Syria, which was encouraged tonight by the President of Egypt, will be as "lawful" in Egypt as in Syria. Morsi in that festival called on the youth to go to Syria for Jihad.

Two days earlier a large gang of Salafi clerics had gathered in Cairo, chaired by Qatar-based Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi, and they declared the Alawites and Shia in Syria and elsewhere to be non-Muslims who should be fought. They also declared that Jihad in Syria was a duty. It was from fear over Egypt being turned into another Syria or Iraq, that the millions went out to the streets against Morsi, and the army backed them.

As reported earlier, the Saudis want to have Egypt under control, and dependent on their support, to ultimately destroy it. They could not support the Muslim Brotherhood who were so stupid and clumsy that they wanted to take over Egypt in one bite, a blunder that backfired massively.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Erdogan in Turkey is hysterical, because obviously the Saudis do not have him on board in their plans. The Saudis work permanently with the British only; everyone else is a non-permanent ally. Economically, Turkey is about to face the Icelandic-treatment, as the Lira-carry trade (which, it seems, has also ended in ended Brazil) and Saudi-Qatari hot money, are about to leave. The tourism sector, which was the largest growth factor, in additional to financial markets, in recent years, is also threatened, due to the recent developments in both Turkey and the region.

To be brief, the situation in the region is verging on a complete dark age. The worst aspect of it is the religious warfare. Unless there is a move to destroy the Anglo-Saudi alliance, have Obama put under control, and reach an arrangement to stabilize the region with Russia and China, things will slide further to hell.