LaRouche: Obama Has Walked into Trap, Is On Path to Impeachment If He Launches Syria Attack
August 31, 2013 • 11:19AM

Lyndon LaRouche commented at noon today that the intelligence coming in overnight and this morning, strongly indicates that President Obama was set up with the whole Syria war situation. Of the three options I was considering yesterday afternoon and evening, LaRouche said, it now appears that a trap was set for Obama which he has walked into. And he is likely to continue on that course, given that he is totally crazy and easy bait, given the rage state he is in. The purpose was probably that, from the outset.

There was never any evidence, nor has anything been presented, that indicates involvement by the Assad government in a chemical weapons attack, LaRouche continued. Now, governments that were supposedly with Obama are becoming dropouts, and he has been left alone, hanging out to dry—which is good, since he's all wet. Obama is in real trouble. If he now proceeds to attack Syria, without Congressional approval as the Constitution requires, and without a UN mandate, as demanded by international law, then he is finished, and must be impeached. It is now likely that Obama will hoisted by his own petard. He is vastly unpopular; what he is proposing to do is unconstitutional; and if he goes ahead, he will be in deep kimche.

It will be very good to get rid of Obama, LaRouche said. He is a terrible nuisance, and getting rid of him gives us a clean shot to present alternate action and policies. He must be taken out of the running, by removing him from the Presidency