France's Cheminade: Call to Arms to Spanish People
September 1, 2013 • 1:55AM

Former French Presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade has issued a "Message to the People of Spain," calling upon them to join the mobilization initiated by French and German mayors and city council members for the adoption of Glass-Steagall as law throughout Europe. The Argentine-born French political leader — famous for his polemical 2012 Presidential campaign "For a World Without the City and Wall Street" in which mankind moves out into the solar system — addressed the Spanish people directly in their own language, in the name of Helga Zepp-LaRouche and members of the French resistance:

Former French Presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade

"I have today, the pleasure and honor, of addressing all of you in Spain who suffer under the policies of financial oppression, of social destruction, of the City of London and Wall Street. I know how much you suffer, the expelled, the unemployed, those who have lost family aid and social welfare assistance. But you are not alone; you are not alone.

"In the United States, Lyndon LaRouche's supporters have succeeded in getting 75 Congressmen in the House of Representatives to co-sponsor a bill in favor of Glass-Steagall, and a real separation of the activities of the banks. If this law should become enacted, Wall Street and the City of London cannot, ever again, act against humanity. At the same time, 10 Senators also signed onto a bill which is very similar.

"Here in Europe, we are also fighting for the same cause. We met, on the 10th of August, in Arzviller, in the Department of Moselle: French and German mayors and city council members, who signed a joint statement.

"This statement says the following: We must put an end, once and for all, to all austerity policies. Impose also Glass-Steagall, a French, German and European Glass-Steagall, which succeeds in putting money at the service of man and the economy, and the most advanced technologies which open the route to the future. Get underway a policy of public credit to finance long-term projects, and leave the euro system which has become a destructive nightmare.

"I want to tell you something which is the most important thing that I have to communicate to you: We French and Germans hope to meet with representatives from all of Europe. Italian city council members and mayors have come to us. Now we are waiting for the Spanish! We are convinced that many people in Spain are ready to sign our statement.

"You cannot wait for the deputies, the senators, to come to us. That would be like waiting for the King of Spain to come! But, the honest and independent mayors and the city council members should sign this statement. Because it is a statement at a moment in history, in which, in the face of the treason, and also the negligence, of those at the top, those at the bottom must speak out.

"Go see them. Go see these mayors. Go speak with them, organize them. And that way we can build a European movement which will surprise our leaders, and will put pressure on them that they cannot resist. Because it will be the pressure of an organized people with a project.

"This is the time. This is the historic moment to act, because we face a collapse of the international, and European financial and monetary system. And at the same time, we face the danger of war, a general war, with what is occurring in Syria. Thus, it is the moment to be patriots and citizens of the world.

"And we are here, in France and Germany, with you all."

The Movimiento LaRouche España has begun circulating this message across Spain.