Obama Sends Economic Hit Man to Oversee Detroit "Aid Package" for Genocide
September 30, 2013 • 9:11AM

On Sept. 27, Barack Obama's director of the National Economic Council, Gene Sperling, sent economic hit man Don Graves, who is executive director of Obama's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness—which promotes low wage jobs and competitiveness—to oversee the Obama Administration's genocidal aid package to Detroit, which totals a mere $300 million.

The appointment followed a closed-door, 2-hour meeting in Detroit between an Obama team of Sperling, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan, with Detroit Emergency Manager-Fuehrer Kevyn Orr, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, and "community leaders."

The $300 million package, which includes federal, state, and private aid, is a macabre joke. $100 - 150 million (up to half) of the money is for the purpose of demolishing abandoned homes and a few buildings, supplemented by refurbishing a few homes and minimal neighborhood development. This is all done in the name of removing blight. Detroit has 70,000 abandoned-empty homes—enough empty housing to house the entire cities of St. Louis, Missouri, or Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It also has an additional 80,000 empty lots, on which nothing is standing—that is 20 square miles of vacant land. Were the 70,000 abandoned homes torn down—since the aid package contains almost nothing for new home building—Detroit would then have a staggering 150,000 empty lots. This shatters Detroit, leaving it open to completely close down sections of the city, which is what some Wall Street financiers have demanded.

The aid package will include $140 million for transit funding, and $3 million from the Justice Department for hiring additional police officers, establishing a bike patrol, and supporting youth anti-violence programs. One source reported that this will fund all of 10 new police officers.

But just as disastrous is the fact that the program will be administered by Don Graves and the Obama Administration's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, which Obama created in February 2009 to create effectively slave-labor jobs, using the rubric of "competitiveness." While Graves is the executive director of this group, the group's chairman is Jeffrey Immelt, who is chairman of GE, which he built into one of the largest derivatives trading operations in the world. The previous chairman was Paul Volcker, of the infamous Volcker rule. Another member of the Council is Richard Parsons, who is chairman of the board of Citigroup.

This is the Detroit that has lost half its population since 1950.

What is needed is to cancel Detroit's annual payments of $107 million per year on criminal interest-rate swaps, within the context of the even more important implementation of FDR's Glass-Steagall Act and of the thermonuclear NAWAPA. This is what Bill Roberts and the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee have been calling for. See "Detroit - Arsenal of Democracy, or Test-Case for Fascism" and "Detroit: Test Case for Genocide".