Don't Wait Any Longer, Restore Glass-Steagall Now!
September 19, 2013 • 12:16PM

With Obama’s presidency rapidly disintegrating after his failure to drag a “war weary” America into World War III, it is now time to ram Glass-Steagall through Congress in the days ahead. Disregard any practical argument you may hear regarding why Glass-Steagall doesn’t really matter, the truth is that restoring Glass-Steagall would shut down and bankrupt the fascist London-Wall St. entities behind Obama, who have maintained a stronghold on American leaders for several recent decades—up until now. Things have gotten too bad, and many Americans realize they have no option but to fight. This is why JPMorgan representatives and other leading bankers, including Jamie Dimon personally, have shown up recently around the country, in such locations as both the California and Texas statehouses, a state senate hearing in Delaware, and a national National Conference of State Legislatures conference in Atlanta, GA, to name a few, desperately campaigning against the force of reality, the force for a future.