Impact of Call for Transaqua Project
October 6, 2013 • 12:59PM

The tragedy in Lampedusa, Sicily, where hundreds of African boat people died, filled prime time television news Friday in Europe. The accent, however, is put on simply changing EU immigration laws, which currently punish border nations such as Italy or Greece. Indeed, EU law says that immigrants are allowed to enter the EU, but can stay only in the country they enter. However important it is to change this law, that is not the solution for Africans desperately fleeing poverty and civil disorder, and war.

More important is that the EIR-Movisol call for development projects in Africa is having an impact in the web. In Italy, for instance, the website wrote a longer article entitled "Avoidable Massacre."

"It makes one angry to learn that the EU, a few days ago, has rejected the Transaqua project, under no better explanation than 'environmental threats.' What does this have to do with Lampedusa? We have met 80 years old Engineer Marcello Vichi, who showed us how 30 years ago, IRI was on the frontline, but was blocked by the humanitarian aide lobby and by strategic interests aimed at pushing Malthusian policies to control raw materials: systematic destabilization and limitation of the sovereign right to economic development of African populations are the modalities to keep the African continent subjugated, forcing many poor people to abandon their lands."

Nobigbanks describes Transaqua and posts two video interviews with Mr. Vichi, the historical one from 1982 and a more recent one from 2010 for Movisol.

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Dr. Marcello Vichi, Italian engineer, former director of Bonifica, IRI Group, and architect of the Transaqua proposal for the irrigation and development of central Africa, speaks to the Schiller Institute conference held in Russelsheim, Germany, July 2-3.

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