Lyndon LaRouche Interview with Alex Jones, Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2013
October 17, 2013 • 11:59PM



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ALEX JONES: So, we're joined by Lyndon LaRouche. Thank you so much for coming on with us.

LYNDON LAROUCHE: Good to be with you.

JONES: Okay, sir, so you got the floor: Where are we geopolitically? What's happening in the banking sector? Why are big banks saying "you're not going to be able to get your money out of the country?" What's happening?

LAROUCHE: We're going through an actual — if it goes through any further — we're going through a mass rate of death in the United States, as it's going on in Europe, also, similarly. But the trend, and the policy of this President, Barack Obama, is mass murder. There's no question about it. This is Hitler kind of stuff.

JONES: Quantify that, sir, because you've been predicting exactly what's now happening, and then using the crisis they've engineered to bring in total control, the gear-up of Homeland Security against the American people — Mr. LaRouche, what's happening?

LAROUCHE: What's happened is that our government has been taken over by a secret government, which is associated with President Obama. And this has gone through one step and another. We've just gone through another step, which is actually, really mass murder, mass murder of citizens of the United States — the only term you can call it.

Of course, Obama's been up to this: In his first year in office, and I attacked him on that, as other people had exposed him. And his health-care policies were in the direction of Hitler-style mass murder. And it's even more so right now: The most recent development by Obama, is in the direction of genocide! Just plain, Hitler-style. Hitler started in a relatively small place, small considerations, but it began to build up more, and more, and more. And what's just happened with the President's actions now, he's taken another step deeper, for greater rates of mass murder of our citizens.

JONES: That's right. For those who don't know, the IMF/World Bank loans in high rates are on record killing tens of millions a year worldwide. And now that's expanding into Europe, people starving, riots, you name it — more and more of that coming here. But, sir, I remember six years ago, or seven years ago, when Obama was running, and some of the folks over at and also at the publication [EIR] going to meetings with Obama's health-care head, even before he was elected, exposing the plan for death panels, exposing the plan for rationed care, exposing it was actually a Trojan horse, not even a real socialist health care for people but a fascist health-care system; you were and your organization were the first, and people can go see the videos on your site — I was just remembering them — to expose how bad it was, before the bill was even written or introduced.

Break down what was in the bill, and how your team knew what was in it.

LAROUCHE: Well, that's my specialty, that's what I do, not just on this subject, but other subjects. I'm concerned with the world economy, I'm a specialist in forecasting in that area, and I have a lot of influence in that area, naturally. How big it is, or how big it is personally, is not relevant. The fact is, I'm on the case, where other people are not, and more and more people realize, again and again, that I'm on the case!

I could expand on that, but it's that simple. I mean, this is what I do: I'm a forecaster. I'm an economist, I do a lot of forecasting, and I'm probably one of the most successful forecasters in terms of very specific kinds of forecasts.

JONES: When did you first start to work with international intelligence and the CIA? Wasn't it in the OSS? I mean, how did you, because I find this fascinating for your view on the world, 90 years old, the things you've seen, how did you get to where you were giving weekly briefings to CIA directors, in the 1980s? And what did that inside track give you, on the different factions in the system?

LAROUCHE: Well, I can say, it goes back to the 1980s, and in 1971, for example, I'd made a forecast of what was going to happen, I made it actually in 1968, and it hit. I had made the forecast; everybody else in the forecasting business had said it was not possible, what happened in that 1971 collapse. And from that point, I was challenged by a representative of the British system on this case, and I defeated him in a debate which we had in Queens College. And this thing stuck. And from that point on — well, I'd been a forecaster and so forth earlier, but this thing established my intentions as being sort of worldwide. People began to get very excited about what I was getting attention, and the facts I was giving were the facts!

JONES: Well, sir, give us the facts now on where we are geopolitically, financially, and what's happening in the markets, what's happening with the system, blaming the global derivatives debt on people that are concerned about it — I mean, they're trying to blame those of us, now, that have been concerned for what they've done.

LAROUCHE: There's no lack of evidence on this thing. What has happened is — take the health-care policy. That's the thing that's right on the table right now: Obamacare. And that is murderous. There's no question about it: It's mass murderous and intentionally so. It goes together with — Obama has always been, while President, has been close to the Queen of England, and the Queen of England has a standing policy now, which has been going on for some time, saying that we have to reduce the human population, on this planet, from 7 billion people down to less than 1! That is her avowed policy.

Obama is an exponent of that same policy; he's a supporter of that policy. As a matter of fact, his position, as President was a result of the British Empire's support for him, the financing of his campaign and so forth. So this has been that policy all the way through. And the point was, is reduce the human population.

Actually, if you go back earlier, it didn't really start with Obama. You go back to the death of one of our Presidents, who was actually murdered. And so, since that time, from the middle of the 1960s, we've been on a course downhill: It starts out rather small, but the death of Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, opened up a new regime. We got into this war in Indo-China, which was a stupid thing to get into, which MacArthur had warned us against, quite accurately. And this has gone step by step by step.

If you look at the economy, the U.S. economy, in terms of per-capita terms, in terms of other considerations, has been on the descent, ever since the beginning of the war in Indo-China. And it started really as a result of Kennedy being assassinated.

So from that time on, the people of the United States have been getting poorer and poorer and poorer.

JONES: Sure! Even before the 1992 Rio summit, where they called for a post-industrial world, as the global policy, and even thanked Ted Turner and Prince Philip and others, for helping to develop the strategy out of the Royal Commission on Population, that they had adopted from 1949, that I first learned about from reading your publications, and then went to the library, and indeed, was able to find that publication for worldwide eugenics, cutting off resources and genocide. Long before the term Agenda 21 was coined at Rio, your writings, your researchers' writings, again, documented their program to create world government, not to create peace, but to systematically destroy nation-states and cut off resources, we're now going under this in the West. Is there any way to reverse it?

LAROUCHE: Yes, there is. Right now, you probably notice that the U.S. population has been increasingly angry, the citizenry has been increasingly angry, against Obama, and wants him out of office. He manages by certain kinds of support to stay in office. He should have been expelled a long time ago, for what he does. But that's been going on.

We are now in a position where, with this last legislation that he put through, he actually is condemning a great number of our people to death, early death, by his so-called health-care policies, and related economic policies which affect health care, his insurance policies. These things are mass murderous.

This has been going on, as a direction, ever since shortly after Kennedy was assassinated.

JONES: And no one can deny it. Everything they're doing is to shut down small businesses, small farms, small factories, shutting down our power plants: They are completely engaging in warfare against the United States. What is the endgame strategy there, Mr. LaRouche?

LAROUCHE: Well, the endgame is the Queen's policy: The Queen of England has been the leader in this policy, saying, the necessity is to reduce the human population of the planet, from 7 billion people, approximately, to less than 1! That's her policy! It's what she's said, again and again and again. That's the policy of her regime, of the monarchy, is genocide! So, Hitler was not new on this thing, exactly, on genocide, but the Queen's policy is in accord with the population policies of Adolf Hitler in the early period of his regime.

JONES: You were on early in the year, I think it was in January — people can pull it up — and you said, "we're headed towards nuclear war with China and Russia, starting around Syria," and since then, that's become the headlines. But the Obama regime has backed off for now. What's happening militarily?

LAROUCHE: Well, the policy is, Russia has played an interesting role in this, because it seemed for a while that Russia was a has-been power. I don't think it's a great power, right now; I mean, it's on hard times in its own regime. But its influence has been accepted by other governments, as well as the Russian government itself, and its affects, — China, for example, is watching this situation, and Japan is aware of it, and so forth. So we're aware that this problem exists. We are actually now —

Let me put it this way, clearly. I can make it clear: If we don't throw Obama out of office, soon, and there's every reason to throw him out of office, preemptively; he deserves to be thrown out of office! Not only for his sake, but for the sake of our people in the United States. If his policies, as he just put the new stages through into operation, if that policy is allowed, you're going to see, open, Hitler-style genocide applied to a large section of the population, who are considered "not fit to survive," "not fit to live"! Just like Hitler, "lives unfit to live."


LAROUCHE: And that's what he's done. That's what his legislation is, right now, on his new health-care legislation.

JONES: I know, I've read it. It's unbelievably Hitlerian to say the least. It's Malthusian.

Let me ask you this question: They're doing everything they can to block technological development, clean technologies, they want this neo-feudalistic system as you say, under the British Crown, on record — they developed the program that is being followed, whether they're completely running it or not. If this goes through, and they're able to carry this out, it's terrible. But I don't see their plan actually working. But I do see it causing a giant World War III type scenario, as the world finally stands up against the people that run America and the U.K. and I just can't believe we're going to allow ourselves to be the bad guys in this.

I see the people standing up. And if we don't repudiate Obama, and impeach him, and arrest his minions, then it will set the precedent to allow them to continue the collision course towards World War III!

LAROUCHE: Well, you've got a situation now, in which you can fairly say, that the American population, the U.S. population, the citizens, are more and more enraged against Obama and want him out! Now the thing, there are some people, including Democrats and so forth, some Democrats are guilty of this sort of thing, but the significant thing is, that people, in the main, except those who benefit from Wall Street — Wall Street is the only factor in the U.S. economy, which really keeps Obama still in office. He couldn't have made it, otherwise.

So what you have, across the nation, we have an explosion, of determination, a rising tide of determination, "Throw this guy out now, while we're still alive!" That's the mood out there, and it's increasing at a rapid rate.

JONES: Well, I'm finishing my film, "Obama Deception 2" soon, and that's basically, while making the film, the summation I came to: He's not just another puppet. He can not be allowed to stay in, because in another two years he'll wreck us anyways. But regardless, we can not allow them to commit all these crimes and not get in trouble, or the precedent's set to where we are a fascist regime! And now the banks are moving to keep people's money — I mean this is getting scary!

LAROUCHE: Well, that has been the intention all the way through. What has happened recently, as popular opinion in particular, in this nation, has recognized that, and it's recognized it, not only because of what is happening inside the United States, but they're recognizing what has been happening in Europe. The situation in Europe is much more advanced, in terms of pro-genocide trends, than in the United States, yet. But we're going very rapidly in that direct, and Obama is the specific driver of that crime. I mean, this is a guy waiting for his Nuremberg trial: That's what this President is! [crosstalk 15:16]

JONES: Is he — I mean, I understand he's a figurehead of this whole takeover, and enjoys it, and is part of it, and I understand it's important to bring him down, and bring the whole corrupt cabal down, but specifically, a lot of top people I know, they say, Obama is particularly evil, and that he actually enjoys all this, and that he is actually calling a lot of shots. Is that accurate, or inaccurate?

LAROUCHE: Sure it's accurate. You could express it other ways. But, from the standpoint of popular opinion, insofar as popular opinion has that view, the view is valid.

JONES: Other key points?

LAROUCHE: I would say, I'm concerned about getting back our laws, because what we have now, is not good. It is not something we should tolerate. We have to throw this government out of office now: Impeachment time, fuzz and all, is due, now!

JONES: And that's an understatement. I mean, I can not believe they're openly running torture ships off the coast. I can't believe, they're openly training, in Army manuals — I'm sure you've seen this; this is official news, they actually bad-mouth the Founding Fathers, and say they were bad people, and they're training for war against anybody that is pro-national system, pro-liberty, pro-freedom, it's not even about left or right — I mean, it's cartoonish, how officially authoritarian Obama is! I can't even believe that they're this out of control.

LAROUCHE: They are out of control. But what you're talking about, something worse than Hitler. Hitler, you know, reached very terrible levels of abuses.

JONES: But he didn't have 10,000 nuclear weapons!

LAROUCHE: But, this is worse!

JONES: How is it worse?

LAROUCHE: What you're headed for, potentially, which is the only factor of restraint in terms of the international situation, is the fact that we're on the edge, in the Syrian operation! We were on the edge, of thermonuclear war, globally. Just take the situation of Russia, the Russians' role in respect to Syria. Then you had the various kinds of operations back and forth on this sort of thing.

And if you look at the history of Obama, with the crimes he's committed, in office, publicly, and gotten by with that, you understand two things: First of all, that he's a criminal, really, by any standard of decency, and he's a great liar.

JONES: Aren't they also madmen, because as you just stated, General Dempsey, who's known as a pro-war guy most of the time, that's why they put him in, he went at midnight and told Obama, the military's not going to stand with you.

And I'm not for military coups, but if it's stopping like Hitler, like Operation Valkyrie, at least nonviolently, politically, saying no, I've confirmed — it's even come out in the news — that the military basically blocked that operation a few weeks ago, saying, this will probably lead to nuclear war. So that shows me how insane the Anglo-American leaders are.

LAROUCHE: Well, absolutely. That's understood internationally. That's where we are: This man must be thrown out of office! The time for impeachment, now! Summary impeachment, now!

JONES: Sir, what about the other elites, 'cause I know you have your finger on the pulse, I mean, they're not all this insane, are they? Why have they gotten so reckless? I mean, don't they know about Napoleon and Hitler and people? I mean, this...?

LAROUCHE: I think, with people who are Wall Street oriented, generally I think are not exactly civilized, to put the kindest structure on it. And they're worried about "my money!" You get this, you get the whole Wall Street crowd, "My money!" And you have all the people that go along with it. Look, you've got Republicans going along with this, their way! You have members of the Democratic Party, leaders in the Congress, who are pushing the same thing! So we're coming to a collision course!

And the thing to worry about, is, are we going to have a bloody show inside the United States over this issue, these crimes that are being committed under the leadership of Obama? Or are we going to stop it? Are we going to intervene, and throw this guy out of office?

Now, if we throw him out of office, we will probably also do some things to some of these swindlers on Wall Street, who have ruined and are murdering people, virtually, with their policies! But we have to get back to our Constitution. This government is no longer operating, on the basis of the Federal Constitution, but directly opposite to it! The time for impeachment is now. [crosstalk]

JONES: That's right. It's working for a foreign combine. And this is now Max Kaiser, who worked at the highest levels, even with Soros's son on Wall Street, he described them as "suicide bankers." He said, they would blow the world up, if they got all the money, even though they'd be dead. It is an attitude of just craven greed, but on top of it, it's worse, because they're not even thinking about the larger ramifications. It's just a pure mindlessness, and it's not free market, it's backed up with taxpayer money so they've been emboldened. They are insane!

LAROUCHE: [laughs] Well, this is sort of a Saudi-British operation, which is doing this. You know actually 9/11 was a product of a Saudi-British operation. And they've got these special gags on people who know the facts about 9/11, but 9/11 was a part of this process! And it was a British-Saudi operation. And that's the fact!

JONES: But the British government and the Saudis, they're not going to survive World War III.

LAROUCHE: That is not an important question, I think. Because the Saudis can also be dispensed with, under certain conditions.

No, the question is, we have to deal with the economic question.

JONES: Lyndon LaRouche, can you do five more minutes with us, sir? I've got to go to break for one minute, before the next hour, and then we're going to get into some other issues. But, man, I'll ya, you hear all this stuff, and it sounds wild: It's absolutely on target! And all I do is research this info. We are in so much danger, folks! The people running things are insane.... [break]

Lyndon LaRouche is our guest, And I got to tell you, I've probably read a hundred history books or more by the time I was 12 years old, but the more you know, the more you don't know. And by the time I was probably 16 or 17 and first saw their quarterly intelligence review, and was reading this — I knew so much history, I was like, "Oh, I've read this! I've read that!" It was like, most of it I knew was accurate. The parts I didn't know were accurate, because I just didn't have the historical knowledge, yet, it was gray area for me, 'cause I hadn't discovered it separately for myself yet. But the way they put it all together, and what they lay out, has really helped me understand how the world works.

And the funny part is, from the John Birch Society angle, which people can claim is connected to whatever, they told a lot of the truth about what was going on. But I think when you get to the end of the day, there isn't really a left or right; there's, are you pro-humanity, pro-civilization, or are you pro-war economy, genocide, death, control.

We've got four minutes left, Lyndon LaRouche. Thank you for your time: Make the point you were saying about what we need to do, solutions now with the economy, ideas, how we stop this madness.

LAROUCHE: First of all, impeach this President. That's the first thing you have to do. And the grounds for doing so, more than richly exists.

All right, then we have to think about how are we going to take the economy, for example, the European economy is collapsing! The trans-Atlantic region is a disaster area in terms of economy.

My view is, I'll just summarize it this way, there's one thing we could do: And that is, if we could start a program of recovery, which could be started now with getting this guy out. We would then think of taking the middle of the United States, the Mississippi, west area; we've lost our food supply! Our food supply has been destroyed by this operation, by these kinds of operations. So, again, we've got to get the food supply in there, we've got to rebuild some of our economy. We don't have the ability to maintain our own population. That's what's happened.

Now, then, what do we do? Well, we go across, toward the Asian region, into Asia. We cross there, we start again, thermonuclear fusion as a driver program. That is absolutely indispensable for the survival of civilization on the planet as a whole! It will take time to get there, maybe ten years before we could actually.... [crosstalk]

JONES: But giant, peaceful Manhattan projects, advanced technologies, cleaner energies, R&D, the opposite of what the neo-feudalists want.

LAROUCHE: Yes. Well, there are very specific things: thermonuclear fusion, which has been suppressed. We have a miniature version of thermonuclear fusion, now, but actually what is required, as thermonuclear fusion, to ensure the survival of mankind on this planet, is something we've got to get. But we have to start the program now; get the program moving, a recovery program, immediately. Throw Obama out, agree to go ahead with the recovery program immediately, get our food supply which has been destroyed in the middle of the United States...

JONES: And if we just back off from World War III, the whole world will give a sigh of relief. It'll create confidence and investment, and true globalism, people working together.

LAROUCHE: Absolutely. It is possible. It's something I'm very much concerned about: My associates, for example, are involved with this. We're concerned with this program: Thermonuclear fusion is an absolute requirement, for the preservation of the human species.

JONES: Well, yes sir. Thank you so much, for your gracious time., Lyndon LaRouche. Are there other sites or other things you would point out for people to visit?


JONES: I know that you've also got the publication site. People can link through right there at Thank you so much for the time.

All right, we'll talk to him again in the future: Lyndon LaRouche, ladies and gentlemen. That guy is really interesting! Reagan thought he was interesting....