Dems Keep Deadly Silent on Obama Starving Americans
November 5, 2013 • 11:03AM

Barack Obama, we learn from the campaign book Doubling Down" published Nov. 1, told a group of his aides in early 2012, "I'm very good at killing people." The subject was drones, but the admission can't have been news to anyone there.

Already a year earlier, Obama had strongly advised Congressional Democrats to pay for continued teacher-employment aid to states, by cutting the Stimulus Act funds which had increased food stamp payments since 2009. Despite the fact that food stamp use continued desperately growing along with poverty — 33 million needing them in 2009, 37 million in 2010, 42 million in 2011, 46 million in 2012, 48 million in 2013 — Obama had also told Democrats to cut the food stamp funds to help pay for expanding Medicaid, part of his murderous Obamacare.

Those funds therefore ran out on Hallowe'en this year. Depending on House-Senate farm bill negotiations, food stamp aid may drop by as much as $11 billion this year, out of an $80 billion annual program. The Stimulus funds, as the Los Angeles Times editorialized, were supposed to be a five-year COLA increase which would allow food stamps to keep up with inflation; they did not even anticipate continually growing poverty and economic depression. They are now removed with 5 million more Americans officially in poverty than when they started, and food prices roughly 12-13% higher even for the cheapest foods.

The result will be starvation. The USDA itself on Sunday, through spokesman Kevin Concannon (Undersecretary for Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services), said that the Nov. 1 cuts in food stamps "are certain to result in missed meals for those enrolled." And, "For 7 million Americans, food stamps are their only source of income.... It is a huge challenge to those households."[!]" The national median income of a household using food stamps is $11,000. In one depressed state, Alabama, more than 900,000 — almost one in five Alabamians — are impacted by the cut, according to the Andalusia (Covington County) Star News. The cut is from $1.50 to $1.39 per person, per meal.

It is generally agreed that in the fourth week of November (Thanksgiving week), food banks around the country will be inundated with people lacking food to eat. But Concannon said local food banks are not prepared to serve as backstops for this tragedy. WHY then, interviewed for a full hour on C-SPAN Nov. 3 on this subject, did Agriculture Secretary Vilsack never once suggest the cut should be restored, even as he described their malnutritional impact? Vilsack was asked: "In 2009 unemployment was 8.4% and rising, and 33 million Americans were on food stamps; in 2013 it is 7.2% and falling, and 48 million are on food stamps; why is this? Vilsack made clear that standards have not been loosened, and in fact, said the White House has made a national clamp-down on "food stamp fraud" by individuals and businesses. Otherwise, he offered no reason, and claimed that "seven million private sector jobs have been created in a year — or, I guess it's two years..."

The reason no Democrats in D.C. are calling for restoring the soon-deadly cut, is that it's Obama's cut. As he bragged, "I'm very good at killing people."