War Rhetoric Around China Continues
November 9, 2013 • 10:40AM

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China has a bomber and cruise missile combination that can take out the American base on Guam and Hawaii, according to well-known Washington Times leaker Bill Gertz. He quotes the Oct. 8 draft of the forthcoming report by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

On the new bomber, Gertz says, the People's Liberation Army in June accepted the first of 15 new Hongzha-6K, or H-6K, bombers. The bomber is based on a late 1950s Soviet design but has an extended range. However, its long-range cruise missile is new. The report said the H-6K, also known as "Zhan Shen" or God of War, "can carry China's new long-range land-attack cruise missile (LACM)."

"The bomber/LACM weapon system provides the PLA Air Force with the ability to conduct conventional strikes against regional targets throughout the western Pacific, including U.S. facilities in Guam," the report said. The report said China's new land-attack missile can be equipped with a nuclear warhead. However, so far there is no confirmation that the new missile is armed with nuclear warheads. Rick Fisher, a Chinese military expert with the International Assessment and Strategy Center, said analysts disagree with the commission assessment that the new bomber is likely to be limited to non-nuclear cruise missiles.

In 2012, Russia's former Rocket Forces chief of staff, retired General Victor Yesin, explicitly warned that some of Chinese ground- and air-launched DH-10 cruise missiles are nuclear-armed. China is very likely developing multiple new long-range bombers to succeed the H-6K," Fisher said. The missile uses China's Beidou satellite navigation system for guidance, and has a range of up to 1,500 miles.

The Commission report also indicates that China has developed a new armed drone nearly identical to U.S. military's Reaper.

Reports of this nature contribute to The build-up of war hysteria in military ranks and in the general population; "We better get them, before they get us."