The Man Who Served Dinner
November 20, 2013 • 8:53PM

Or, Guess Who's Coming to Terror

On November 12, The Voice of Russia interviewed James and JoAnne Moriarty, two Americans who were part of an NGO 100-day fact finding mission in Libya, and were elected official spokespeople for the tribal nations of Libya. In the interview conducted by John Robles, the Moriartys claim that during the overthrow of Gaddafi, Chris Stevens transferred weapons to radical Islamists in Libya, but was trying to secure the return of 20,000 MANPAD surface to air missiles from al-Qaeda, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, and Ansar al-Sharia, all of which are the same. They just have these different names to confuse the West, but those are the groups that NATO and the US joined hands with to take over Libya and now they are supporting them in Syria. Chris Stevens was instrumental in sending weapons to them in Syria with the help of Abdelhakim Belhadj.

In the course of the interview James Moriarty drops the following bombshell:

"One of the tribal spies, if you would, in Libya was serving dinner to Chris Stevens and the personal representative of the Prime Minister of Turkey the night he was assassinated.

"And the discussion in that meeting was; Chris Stevens was demanding that Turkey use its influence to help recover those rockets. And the representative from Turkey said (for all practical purposes): 'No, we are not going to do that.'

"This is from one of the Libyan tribal members, who was the spy inside the organization in Libya—the CIA compound. He was serving dinner to Chris Stevens and this personal representative of the PM of Turkey.

"And the conversation was—Chris Stevens was demanding that those rockets which he had originally turned over to these radical Islamists be given back because they are now a danger for the United States, since al-Qaeda had made the open declaration that they own Libya, they are not taking orders from anybody.

"And so this representative from Turkey when he finished dinner, he walked out the front door of that compound, was taken by car to the military airport, put on the Turkish military aircraft, flown to Turkey.

"The minute this plane set down in Turkey one of the attacks started on that compound.

"Nobody has mentioned this and we've given it to four US intelligence Agencies and they all do nothing."