German City Councilwoman Tells Congress to Re-Instate Glass-Steagall; Shift to a Paradigm of National Sovereignty
November 26, 2013 • 12:01PM

German City Council member Dorothea Schleifenbaum spoke on the Nov. 23 LaRouche Show, a weekly web-radio program, about what she conveyed to members of Congress on her personal meetings on Capitol Hill last week: Americans are not the same as Wall Street. There must be a "paradigm shift" here. If the U.S. restores the Glass-Steagall Act, and a real economy, there will be international change for the good. She discussed this with host Marcia Merry Baker, and guest Tom Gillesberg, the director of the Schiller Institute in Denmark. He ran for mayor of Copenhagen in the Nov. 19 municipal elections, in a campaign he described as a "precursor to a paradigm shift." His slogan was, "Glass-Steagall, Not EU Fascism"!

Dorothea Schleifenbaum

Schleifenbaum said that she found that many Congressmen and their staff members do support Glass-Steagall, but they "want someone else to go out front" on it. She briefed them on how urgent it is for them to act. She recounted that one Congressman told her specifically, that Wall Street was pressuring him not to dare do anything on this.

Schleifenbaum herself has held public office since 1994, which spans the time that the Eurozone was formed (1993), and she stressed the process of economic decline under this system, until the point of crisis today. She posed how sovereign countries with their own currency and their own development programs must be restored. The tyranny of the City of London and Wall Street, must end. People are suffering and dying in Greece, Cyprus, Spain, and this must stop.

She gave specifics on her own city, Siegen (over 100,000 residents), which dates back to ancient times, in terms of metalworking, commerce and culture, on the Sieg River in the Rhine River basin. Today, with the economic erosion, Siegen faces a government-budget crisis, because its former annual revenue level of 70 million euro, has shrunken down to 50 million. The lord mayor and others fall into line, thinking, 'what can we cut,' instead of, 'what is wrong with the economy and what can we do.'

Both Schleifenbaum and Gillesberg denounced the narrow-mindedness of elected officials and the public alike. Schleifenbaum said that at present, Germany is not even a sovereign nation, but is bound into the system dictated by Brussels and the City of London. Chancellor Merkel is under fierce pressure to go along with anything Brussels/London order her to do. Look at how the local savings banks in Germany are supposed to buy Greek bonds, and whatever toxic debt Brussels orders them to take. This funding never reaches the Greek people; it is sucked into private banking and financial flows, including funding terrorism, drugs and strife.

Schleifenbaum particularly attacked the green ideology, and the insane green-energy program, which has been imposed and is ruining Germany and the Trans-Atlantic. She also described the subversion of the German education system, by the imposition of an "inclusion"/one school system, according to which, no special arrangements can be made for students of differing needs, but all pupils must be "included" in one heap, in one school, which is resulting in chaos, demoralization and ignorance.

Schleifenbaum has been active with the Arzviller Declaration (August 2013) mobilization of French and German—and now Italian and Spanish—elected officials, to call for action in Europe, on "the principle of the Glass-Steagall Act of Franklin D. Roosevelt, which we also had in Europe after 1945."

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