Coverage of Rep. Lynch's Statement on the 28 pages
December 5, 2013 • 12:58PM

Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.), who is co-sponsoring, along with Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC), House Resolution 428, calling on President Obama to declassify and release the suppressed 28 pages from the Congressional Joint Inquiry's 9/11 report, has issued his own press release, now posted on his website, has been picked up by a number of news outlets in Mass., including the Boston Globe, and the Boston Herald. It notes that Rep. Lynch recently had the opportunity to review the 28 pages and believes they should be made public.

Rep. Stephen Lynch

"Twelve years after the horrific September 11 attacks, unanswered questions still remain. These pages contain information that is vital to a full understanding of the events and circumstances surrounding this tragedy. The families of the victims and the American people deserve better; they deserve answers, they deserve a full accounting, and that has not happened yet. I am very pleased to be working with my friend and colleague Congressman Jones to ensure these pages see the light of day. I strongly encourage my colleagues to review this classified section of the Inquiry, and to work with me and Congressman Jones to get it declassified."

The Boston Globe story notes that the introduction to the Congressional Joint Inquiry says that the investigation uncovered "information suggesting specific sources of foreign support for some of the September 11 hijackers while they were in the United States," and the story says that many specialists have suggested that Saudi Arabia provided support for the hijackers. It cites Eleanor Hill, the staff director of the Joint Inquiry, calling the investigation's findings "alarming," and quotes her: "It was disturbing.... Even back then I personally felt they could have released more of it. Somebody needs to look at it again."

The Hill's "Floor Action" blog reported on the Jones-Lynch filing on Dec. 3, saying that it is "the latest in a long series of attempts to declassify those pages," including an effort by dozens of Senators in 2003. The blog notes that press reports have said that the 28 pages include information indicating Saudi entities helped to fund the 9/11 attacks, and says that "Senators argued in 2003 that keeping these pages classified sends the signal that foreign entities who supported al Qaeda will go unpunished."
It also reports on the 9/11 families asking Obama to declassify the 28 pages last June, citing Obama's own promise in 2009 to release the pages — which he hasn't done.
"The crux of the problem is a persistent pattern of obfuscation and deflection into the parts of the investigation that shed light on who provided the financial and material assistance that made the attacks possible," the 9/11 families wrote to Obama. "Our plea is for you to bring your laudable pledge of transparency, to the 9/11 investigation."

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