Beyond Merely Chemistry


by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

December 17, 2013

Once we had taken what should have been recognized as the standpoint of the Solar system, rather than merely our inhabitation of the orbit of Earth as such, the long history of the idea of the domain of the reign of sense-perception as the most notable standard of measurements within the Solar system, requires a radical re-examination. Implicitly, it has been my relatively long-standing outlook, that the continuation of a consideration of the lawful specifics of physical science must be radically re-examined, that done out of respect for even the Solar system considered in the large, even within the relatively modest scope of Earth, Mars, and the collections of asteroids within the approximate range of the orbits of those particular planets.

Reconsider, for example, my own earlier treatment of Shakespeare’s most profound insight, the standpoint of the character of the figure Chorus in Shakespeare’s King Henry V. Focus on the first entry of Chorus in the very opening of the play, where Chorus treats the other characters’ opinions as intrinsically merely images, and, therefore, merely images of what they see as merely themselves, as they merely name themselves.

Think of the Apostle Paul’s most celebrated statement declared in I Corinthians 13-14, most emphatically in verses 11-13 of Chapter 13. Or, Robert Burns’ attempts in such a direction, not “to see ourselves as others see us,” but as Paul saw himself, a step beyond.


Sense-perception’s convenience for our purposes here, is that it typifies an assortment of media, the which are associated with its provision of the basis for those expressions of life which are convenient as a “central standard of reference” for the support of the phenomena which are associated with living processes, and, are principally, only the immediate experiences, rather than a complete foundation for the expressed reflection of the system of life on Earth and also other relevant locations beyond.

However, as important as that fact is, in, so to speak, its own right, the principle of creation within the universe, has a far broader, and also deeper-rooted, more profound, ontological basis than the manifestations presently familiar to what are to be regarded as the bounds of our published science. In brief, what, therefore, is the principal basis in the universe, which surrounds, and underlies, the active principle of the universe, which could be reached only from beyond those apparent limitations?

Any really serious attempt at defining an actual principle of human knowledge, is, unavoidably, presently beyond the comprehension of either the typical student or the usually professed academic or other designated expert. Indeed, since the death of Johannes Brahms, on April 3, 1897, an era closed upon the deaths of those great composers of what had been truly Classical music, who, like the scientists and musicians Max Planck and Albert Einstein, had lived out their lives since their birth in the Nineteenth Century. Physical science was not dead, but, in the main, the decadence has been closing in, more and more, almost to a vanishing-point. The scientific gruel seems to be closing in, more and more. “Popular” tends, more and more, to mean “dead,” excepting the dwindling few who really continue to care.

For example:

The presently launched slate of Federal and related qualities of candidates to be considered as eligible on our political association’s slate, must be restricted, for the present time, to fit the same standards as the members of our own Policy Committee. The following sets of considerations are essential standards for that purpose.

My own experience instructs me to the effect, that the quantity of accumulated knowledge, and the quality of that knowledge, must not be considered as separate considerations. As, for example: the quality of knowledge and related experience sustained during the ageing process, may be increased, while the quantity of “facts” stored idly, will naturally tend to decrease.

For example, we have found ourselves in a situation, in which some of the leading Democratic candidates for the pending Presidential elections have, for the moment, adopted their declared current policies for future election which we must regard, as never better than merely in the likeness of those opportunistic policies which, unless changed, would be clearly disastrous to mankind at this time were they regarded as true doctrines. There is no “God-like truth,” nor even truly sanctified knowledge, to be located merely there.

To wit, the issue at hand is to be stated as follows:

The Immediate Crisis

If there is any continued effort to continue the occupancy of the U.S. Presidency under Barack Obama, it is now nearly certain that the world will enter, very soon, into a calamity of all humanity, unless that miserable figure is justly retired from office very soon. Under those circumstances, the failure to remove that current President, for reason of great and urgent cause, would probably result in an actually earlier, global, thermonuclear conflict of a kind which would mean the virtual extinction of most of the human species, even the actual extinction. An ouster would be fully required on the basis of existing evidence already known to a qualified array of international leaderships.

The root of this particular, immediately perilous situation, is to be dated from no later than the earlier U.S. Presidency under what might be best identified as what had been carried forward under the merely nominal Presidency of George W. Bush, Jr.’s complicity in the fraud of the British empire’s leading complicity with the Saudi mass-murderers, and the subsequently worse conduct of the present, de-facto incumbent dictatorship of a systemically evilly disposed, and frankly brutish and mass-murderous, President Barack Obama. But, the true significance of that fact, lies in the hands of the legacy of the specifically Anglo-Dutch, oligarchical, imperialist system in the model of such empires as that of imperial Rome. The oncoming decadence reeks, more and more with a greater stench.

Without a fresh Renaissance, there is little to be expected from the trans-Atlantic regions; the parasites reign and the fools admire them.

The resulting present state of world affairs, is more broadly associated with the aftermath of the assassinations of U.S. President John F. Kennedy and his brother and Presidential pre-candidate, Robert Kennedy. Since that turn in U.S. affairs, there has been a persisting, increasing decline in the general welfare of the U.S. population, a collapse which had entered a relatively crucial downturn under the horrible regimes of nominal President George W. Bush, Jr., and the now manifestly evil President Barack Obama. All of those latter developments have been in the process of converging on a generalized genocide against the populations of the trans-Atlantic sector, and also the increasing immediate threat of the effects of a general thermonuclear war, world-wide, of perhaps only a few hours expression, whose presently relatively immediate effects would soon be apparent throughout the planet.

A threat of immediate warfare, pitting the trans-Atlantic territory of the planet against the Eurasian, is already now lurking on the edge of the fate of the human species as such. It threatens to become even extinction-warfare brought on by the initiatives of the presently incumbent Anglo-Dutch, Saudi imperial system.

Indeed, the means of conduct of thermonuclear warfare, are sufficient, that if both prospective sides—trans-Atlantic versus trans-Pacific, of such a conflict were disposed, a new virtual extinction of the human species is ready to be attempted, one in the likeness of the genocide against ancient Troy in its character as a potential principle, even, now, almost momentarily—were Russia and China (among others) not equipped with the deterrent effect of a “second strike” ability against the schemes of the presently global Anglo-Dutch cabal.

That would suggest, and that very strongly, that the reign of the Bush-Obama legacy were ripe for its early removal.


It were safe to say today, that since the extermination of the population of Troy in the conclusion of the Trojan War, the trans-Atlantic world, and beyond, had been dominated by a series of oligarchical cultures, oligarchical cultures which still resonate to the present time with a dominant role of what are known is the oligarchical system of cultures which has continued to play a dominant role on most of this planet, up through the presently notable roles of the Anglo-Dutch system of imperialism, which has dominated the planet since the early time of Seventeenth-century Europe, still to the present date.

Review some essential facts briefly:

Recently, the now rapidly decaying Anglo-Dutch imperial power, had launched an overtly declared intention to reduce the human population of our entire planet, from a recent level of approximately seven billions persons, to no greater than a single billion as its immediate objective. Granted, there have been similar attempts at such imperialist atrocities earlier, but none recently even on the scale now associated with the present Anglo-Dutch-Saudi imperium. Such had been first launched under the Seventeenth-century rampages of what had been launched as the mass-murderously imperial Dutch initiative, and the British mask put on the already mass-murderous Dutch imperial schemes of genocides conducted against a formerly sovereign France, Ireland, and Scotland, and then by the vast Anglo-Dutch imperialist system itself, all of that traced to the root of the invading Dutch imperial system, all an outcome of the great religious warfare which was employed to crush the Great “Golden Renaissance” associated with Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa.

Unfortunately, the typical student of today, including most of our ostensibly learned professors, has shown virtually no efficient comprehension of the essential facts of that dark part of either our present, or past world history, which includes most of our own nation’s leading political figures recently. In fact, since the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, there had been two massive blows against the U.S. Federal Constitution, the first of those two by the right-wing, Republican-backed accession of Vice-President Harry S Truman to office by means of the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, which was quickly demonstrated to have been a monstrous, fascist impulse led by right-wing Republican forces, and, secondly, the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, and of his brother, a strongly designated successor to President Lyndon Johnson, Democrat Robert Kennedy.

Since the effect of those two assassinations, there has been an irregular, but persistent trend of decline in the U.S.A.’s economy since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and the failure of the effort to obtain a Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) under the President Ronald Reagan who narrowly defeated the kind of actually attempted assassination in office which had struck down both John F. and Robert Kennedy.

If the now, presently threatened, virtually global, thermonuclear warfare were to continue its impulse toward an actually thermonuclear warfare and were not halted, the likelihood of a relatively immediate extinction event were, perhaps not a certainty, but certainly an awful likelihood. If it were to occur, as I have fairly warned of this fact, it would only be because we had not done something to prevent it from actually happening, and that now very soon! If that opportunity is adequately developed very soon, the possibilities for escaping a maximal outcome, will be a substantially increased prospect, if, once more, it comes soon enough.


The termination of an early prospect of thermonuclear warfare, would signify the prospect for a new global policy among leading nations of this planet—and, also, beyond. A virtual standstill in the prospects for a war with global effects, would indicate a radically different system of organized relations among the principal sovereign states of this planet.

This would not mean any early prospect for a termination of a system of respectively sovereign states. Nor is there any practicable likelihood of a stateless system arranged among the leading nations of this planet. The principal threat to civilization remaining will continue to be that of deadly deployments of asteroids and related modes of threats to planets within the target-areas of asteroids within the range of the Earth-Mars region of the Solar system. The case of the Moon landing just recently, as compared with the developments in progress respecting Mars, points to the need for managing threat-potentials of those and also related potentials within, and somewhat beyond the Earth-Mars ranges of the Solar system.

While there are reasons not to overplay intentions for human residence on Mars (for example), the increasing attention prompted by the recent Moon landing by China’s efforts, is to be combined with the prospect for managing asteroids for the purpose of redirecting trajectories which threaten possibly endangered moons and satellites within the range of the Earth-Mars region.

The included mission-orientation to be given to such developments within the extended Earth-Mars region, will be, first, the management of the hazards represented by asteroids and other offensive activity, but, increasingly, the development, as in the present case of the China landing on our Moon, of managing and defending the development of the mineral and like resources, to be acquired under the nominal category of “mining” the relevant regions of the denoted domains of Mars and relevant other satellites of the Earth-Mars region.

Presently, our planet, has reached the prospect of thermonuclear fusion’s development as a growing resource for the development of Earth and nearby potentials. The development of the Moon for these purposes is the most crucial next step for reaching beyond the gravitational limitations for exploration and development of nearby Solar space. That can begin immediately, but the effective development beyond that initial stage of work on the Moon itself, will require the role of the accelerated abilities provided for thermonuclear-fusion propulsion to Mars and otherwise within the area to be designated as the Earth-Mars areas of intentions for development of needed resources within the relevant volumes of that space.

The following comment is crucial for an effective understanding of the purpose and benefit of such measures in development of mankind’s access to benefits from relatively nearby space. The change to be made, is to founded on the understanding that the tradition of the oligarchical systems of reign over the territory of Earth must be terminated for the sake of the relatively immediate requirements of the development of human life on Earth.

Since the beginnings of our acquaintance with the existence of ruling systems of oligarchical reign over the human populations of Earth, the human population of our planet has been subjugated to systems of oligarchical modes of rule over the population resident on Earth. Those systems of oligarchical traditions, as typified by the massive murder of the people of Troy, are to be ended forthwith. The development of the ever-advancing reliance on extending mankind’s occupation, and development of the productive powers of labor, toward ever higher levels of accomplishment in technologies, on and beyond our planet Earth, are imperative; the increase of the employed energy-flux densities of mankind’s productivity must become law. The technologies needed for this mission-orientation, must be acknowledged as indispensable for the competence of such policies and their missions. The development of the powers of the human mind must become the universal law for mankind.

The current Anglo-Dutch imperial policies of genocide now in progress, must be exterminated under laws respecting crimes against humanity. We have a Solar system; we must use it properly. The potential of the noetic powers lying within the design of the human mind, must be the law for mankind henceforth.