The Sometimes Silliness of "Taking Sides": The Crisis Was in Your Mind!
December 30, 2013 • 2:00PM

My report on the actually breaking developments in the Eurasian sector, from Belarus to the Pacific, appears to have unnerved some of my friends and acquaintances in central and western Europe. The fact of the matter is that the trans-Atlantic bloc had suffered what it had considered a “painful setback” when Ukraine had not capitulated to a takeover by the trans-Atlantic, Anglo-American “strategic” bloc intent on crushing the Eurasia sector. The trans-Atlantic circles had overlooked the fact that Russia’s posture in this matter had prevented an immediate, then-pending trans-Atlantic nuclear threat to the entire Eurasian bloc, had the immediately intended conquest of Ukraine succeeded, in an immediately threatened, probable provocation leading toward an early onset of thermonuclear warfare which would be experienced pretty much throughout the world.