LaRouche PAC Holds Town Meeting in DeLay's District
May 3, 2005 • 8:00PM

by Timothy Vance
LaRouche Youth Movement

HOUSTON, May 4, 2005 (EIRNS)—Because of the consistent leadership taken by Lyndon LaRouche and the LaRouche Youth Movement on the DeLay case, it looks like Tom will have to "find Jesus" a couple dozen more times to stay in his frighteningly powerful position as House Majority Leader. This and more was made clear at a recent gathering of over 65 persons hosted by the LaRouche PAC and the LaRouche Youth Movement in Stafford, Texas (DeLay's own district), all enthusiastically supporting the "early retirement" of notorious Rep. Tom "formerly-dubbed-the-Hammer-now- headed-for-the-Slammer" DeLay.

Since before the November 2004 election, our movement has initiated and sustained an effective and humorous political assault on the threatening persona of Mr. DeLay, even before it was popular to do so. The lively town meeting, held April 28, follows many months of activity on a battlefront which included numerous block-by-block walking tours in DeLay's 22nd District, and the building of an intimate dialogue with some local political institutions and unions (especially the Carpenters and Longshoremen networks). An advertisement for the event was posted on the official website of the Harris County (Houston) Democratic Party, and led to an invitation to address a general meeting of the Harris County Young Democrats.Expanded Outreach

All in all, this event focussed the organizing efforts of the LYM, vastly expanded its outreach, and built a new layer of trust between the LaRouche movement and active members of regional institutions. The event was introduced by a self-described "proud member of the ever increasingly influential faction of the Democratic party," Timothy Vance, who encouraged a festive and victorious mood for the night's discussion. In order to focus the festivities on an understanding of the historical importance of the moment, Vance posed to the People of Texas a question that was first posed in the form of a pamphlet to the People of New York over 212 years ago (Federalist Paper No. 1): "Whether societies of men and women are really capable or not of forming good government from reflection and choice, or whether they are forever destined to depend upon accident and brute force for their ruling governments." Ironically, it was a question posed in the midst of a national debate over our U.S. Constitution, a Constitution which Tom DeLay and his ilk think is ... well, unconstitutional.

To help set the context for answering that question, the Houston LYM chorus sang quality renditions of a parody of Mozart's "Trinkkanon" ("Tom DeLay, you are a stinker") and a powerful "O, Freedom" (the sentiment of which will be heard echoing the halls of Congress as DeLay is relieved of his post).DeLay: An Easy Target

Harley Schlanger, the main speaker and official LaRouche Western States spokesman, paradoxically opened his address by saying Tom DeLay isn't that important, as a polemical way to keep everyone focussed on the larger agenda at hand. In many ways, targetting Tom DeLay is almost a sport, at times an easy one. Yet, a real fight has to be directed against the whole corrupt system, of which "Hot Tub" Tom is only an integral part. Schlanger pointed the audience's attention to DeLay's role, as Bush/Cheney/Shultz's instrument in the House of Representatives, in preventing a bipartisan coalition from successfully addressing the crises battering this nation.

In general, the crowd was a feisty one, as was seen in the question period that followed. The first question came from a Republican, who regretfully admitted his support for Bush in the last elections and asked for help in overcoming his disdain for the Democratic Party and its immoral support for gay marriages, etc. Other questions oriented around a healthy concern for "What to do?" and "How to educate?" Even older members of the audience were inspired to stick around afterwards for discussion. One indicative response to the event, which expresses a more general shift, involved a couple from Meyerland (both active Democrats), who complimented the youth on their voices and passion while singing. It turned out that for years the woman had thought LaRouche was working against the Democratic Party from within. But after LaRouche's initiatives against Bush and DeLay, she couldn't hold such prejudices any longer.