Senators Grandstand for personal sanctions Against Ukrainian Leaders
January 16, 2014 • 6:18PM

A hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Ukraine on Jan 15, gave many Senators the opportunity to grandstand for sanctions and retaliation against Ukraine for refusing to submit to the EU Empire and the IMF. They were especially eager to demand personal sanctions against individual Ukrainian leaders. Such personal sanctions, in which a foreign government plays judge, jury, and executioner against nationals of another country, are a sure way to poison channels of communication, and move towards the point at which sane forces on the trans-Atlantic side of the lines are no longer able to work to manage a crisis.

Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland accused Ukraine's government of corruption, repression, and beatings, all in the face of Ukraine Ambassador Motsyk, who was in the hearing room. She said repeatedly that "all measures" are on the table for use against Ukraine. In that she specificially included personal sanctions against Ukrainian leaders, when she was pressed by Senator Menendez of New Jersey and others. Menendez responded, "We may not wait for the State Department to do visa cancellations and sanctions."

If he is denied his bill for sanctions against Iran, which would cause treaty talks to fail and likely assure nuclear war down the line, Menendez wants sanctions against Ukraine—also a step towards war.

Another witness, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Democracy and Human Rights, Thomas Melia, told the Senators that the US has spent $500 million promoting democracy and human right in Ukraine. This is probably an understatement of the Project Democracy and allied funds spent fomenting "colored revolutions" there during several US Presidential administrations.