The Cusp of War
January 20, 2014 • 4:54PM

The world is in desperate shape and our effectiveness as a catalytic leadership force is an increasingly decisive factor in whether mankind survives or sinks. We are in a showdown battle against the Anglo-Dutch forces of empire. One of the most important questions is whether the United States will return to its historic roots, which means aligning with the trans-Pacific Eurasian forces of development against the trans-Atlantic Anglo-Dutch forces of doom.

Storm Over Asia
A 1999 feature documentary by Lyndon LaRouche on orchestrated terror operations used to destabilize major nations across the planet past and present.

Mr. LaRouche is in the process of completing a major new, lengthy paper, in which he develops the history of more than a century of perpetual warfare that began in 1890 with the ouster of Bismarck from power. Those developments, followed by the assassinations of McKinley, Carnot, and a whole grouping within the Meiji Court who were allied with the American System advisors--all engineered by the British-Dutch oligarchy--led us into perpetual war that now threatens to be a thermonuclear war of extermination.

See LaRouchePAC's feature documentary 1932: Speak Not of Parties But of Universal Principles.

The Strategic Situation Today

While it is noteworthy that there is an unprecedented war- prevention mobilization underway among an international coalition of forces, the intensity of those efforts also underscores how dangerously close we are to an out-of-control eruption. This Wednesday, Jan. 22, the Geneva II conference is scheduled to begin in Switzerland. On Saturday, the Syrian National Coalition voted to participate in the event. In an interview aired Sunday morning on ABC-TV, Russian President Vladimir Putin presented a detailed report on the Russian preparations to deal with the ongoing terrorist assault on the nation as Russia prepares for the Sochi Winter Olympics beginning Feb. 9. As we have reported this week on this site, Putin is aware, in detail, of the Anglo-Saudi sponsorship of the jihadists who are engaging in a murderous campaign of blind terrorism in southern Russia, in Syria, in Iraq, and elsewhere. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates made the rounds of the Sunday talking-head shows, appearing on both CNN and NBC to continue to hammer away against the Bush and Obama administrations' rush to war.

The Transatlantic Financial System is Bankrupt

Underlying all of the war dangers in the Middle East, in North Asia and elsewhere is the stark reality that the Anglo-Dutch system is hopelessly and irreversibly bankrupt, with the likelihood of a total blowout growing by the day. The recent visit to Europe by U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew was a clear reflection of the panic. Lew virtually ordered the ECB and European central banks to begin the same QE policy of hyperinflationary bailout of the big banks that has been the policy of the U.S. Fed since 2008. At the end of his visit, the BIS dropped all pretenses of trying to boost the capital requirements of the banks, giving the green light for more and more bailouts and hyperinflation. This is a doomed and desperate policy that will only accelerate the timing of the total blowout. As Europe and the United States scramble to hold off a collapse and fend off growing pressure for Glass-Steagall bank separation, Eurasia continues to grow, and this is a driving motive for the empire to push for wars all over the planet.

The mission, as spelled out by Mr. LaRouche most recently in the Friday night webcast, is to get Obama impeached and reinstate Glass- Steagall. Combined, these two actions represent a genuine death blow to the Anglo-Dutch forces of oligarchical empire. That is the strategic mission: to defeat the power of the imperial system for the first time since the time of the Trojan War. We must constantly strive to think from the top down, from the standpoint of a grand strategy driving whatever tactical initiatives we may take. The time has long passed when we can survive on the basis of tactics alone.