Al-Qaeda Saudi-backed Jihadist Threaten Sochi
January 21, 2014 • 11:59AM

According to the Britain's Daily Telegraph, Russian security forces are searching Sochi for a suspected terrorist who is feared to be planning to target the Olympic Games, according to a notice distributed throughout the city. A description distributed to hotels in the area says that the FSB, Russia's security service, has received information that Ruzanna Ibragimova, the widow of an insurgent killed by security forces, may have travelled from Dagestan to the Sochi area on January 11 or 12.

"According to our information Ms Ibragimova may be used by the ring leaders of illegal armed groups for the organisation of terrorist acts in the zone of the 2014 Olympics," the notice says.

Russia has deployed 40,000 police and security personnel around Sochi to deter attacks.

A Dagestani jihadist website yesterday posted what it claims is a video made by the Volgograd bombers before their attacks last month.

In the video, which opens with what purports to be footage of the makings of the bombs used in the attack, two young men identified only as Suleiman and Abdurakhman list a string of grievances against Russia.

A written statement posted on the same website says the attacks were carried out by a group called Ansar Al-Sunna and warned that the December blasts were only the beginning of a terror campaign that would include chemical weapons. "We, the Mujahideen of the Caucasus, want to tell the Russian people - the diversionary attacks which were carried out in Volgograd will be only the beginning of your suffering if you do not withdraw your troops from the Caucasus. Otherwise, attacks will continue up to and including chemical ones, Inshallah," the statement said.

Ansar Al-Sunna is also the name of an al-Qaeda linked Sunni group, based in Iraq.

The two purported bombers refer to Doku Umarov, the nominal leader of the so-called Caucasus Emirate, and the written statement says the attacks were inspired by him. In a video released last summer Umarov called on his followers to strike the Sochi games.