LaRouche Responds to a question on the Trans-Atlantic Collapse
January 22, 2014 • 2:15PM

This question was posed to Lyndon LaRouche in a recent phone discussion with his associates.

Question: Given the change between Russia and Ukraine, and also I was very struck by this article by Glazyev, which he says, "Why don't you all join our bloc?" to several other countries, including Turkey. My question is, has the economy of the Eurasian sector changed fundamentally, so that our forecast of a couple years ago is any different, namely that if you had a blowout of the trans-Atlantic economy, that the Eurasian sector would ultimately be sunk also? Has that fundamentally changed in light of these developments in the last couple years?

LYN: The interpretation has been misleading. The reality is now. It's a misinterpretation, which all these Americans, including many of our members, they say, "let's be realistic." What do they mean by being "realistic"? They mean, don't try to rock the boat too much, so that you overturn and sink everything. And that is a philosophy which has permeated a large part of our own membership, our own association.

Now, the point is, their viewpoint is probably clinically definable by the term "practical." And practical means tactical, not strategic.

Strategic principles, when they are defined in terms of the history of mankind, rather than the context of a relatively local situation, like a mere century sometimes, that the strategic factor comes to the fore. Because civilization in general, realizes and appreciates the fact that the way it's going now is going in the direction of Hell. And that's where our government is today.

The case of John F. Kennedy, as a President, was one of the exceptions to it. There were a couple of other Presidents who were not so bad, but they didn't come up to quite the level necessary to be what Kennedy, President Kennedy had been. And what his brother Robert would probably have become, if he, too, had not been assassinated by circles which are absolutely British Empire in their origins and affinities, but are hidden under the cloak of being listed officially as American political leaders; they're really just British agents in fact, British Imperial agents, in fact.

So, for the person who accepts the narrow assumption that politics, reality are located in a domain, of a current trend which is dominated by a British influence, even by leading American incumbents, who are merely agents, really, as a subdivision of what is really a British Empire, in the real sense of what the British Empire is as an applicable event, and an applicable event of a progress of people in a society.

What we've come up to, as I emphasized recently, is that the way that our whole organization has generally accepted an interpretation of history, that acception is the conventional view which they have been suckered into believing, is intrinsically suicidal. It leads to consent to the destruction of humanity, in this case, in the thermonuclear age, that can be the end of the existence of our species.

Now, I'm a person who's concerned with our species, by being a man of concern about our species, I embrace a larger area of thought and a higher level of thought, than even a majority among the members of my own organization. That's a fact. It's a very important and crucial fact; it is a strategic fact, which I'm sure that some of our leading military representatives at the highest level would tend to recognize, and certainly all the great strategists of history whom I've known would tend to share my view, not that of most of the people in the United States, not even a large portion of our own associates, the leading associates in this organization.

Now, the problem has come, the time has come, we're on the verge of a thermonuclear war, which if it's realized, would mean the probable extinction of our entire human population, within a matter of a week or slightly more. That's where we are!

Therefore, any attempt to try to work within the framework of what some people consider "reality," which means looking for a trend in what is reality, and trying to see in that trend the possibility of succeeding within the framework of the present structure of motion and development in society. And that is what the great error is that many of my members as I know them very closely, that is the systemic blunder, which pervades their thinking, now!

Some of our leading members do not share that susceptibility. So what I've done, knowing that the meaning of the existence of our entire organization, as well as of the United States itself hangs on the role of leadership which can be expressed in the circles of our organization. That demands that the present trends of thinking, day to day, within our organization, even among some leading members of the organization, is that they are sticking to what they consider the safe and reasonable approach to tactics, and they call that "strategy." It ain't strategy, it's bunk! And they have to hear it from me, and they hear me ram it down their throat, before they're going to change their "wicked ways" as the phrase goes.

And that's what the situation is. We have to realize, that the faults of mankind lie in the history of mankind, not in some lesser consideration. Because mankind is not a mankind in which the individual is born and dies. That is not the [inaudible], nor even the succession of a few families, a few generations of families. That is not mankind, that is a passing touch of what is actually immortal, and an immortality which is unique to our knowledge, to the human species. That is because we are born with the power of creativity.

Now most people out there don't believe in creativity. They believe that when you're dead, you're dead and you might be kindly remembered. That's their view, the best and kindest view of mankind, which they ordinarily are capable of mustering. I live to a higher music, a higher form of music: I know that the natural characteristic of mankind, as a matter of scientific evidence on this point, that the characteristic of mankind is the ability of the human individual when adequately developed in self- conception, is actually in himself, an implicitly immortal personality. I don't know mean that they're immortal in being remembered. I mean they're immortal in the sense of what they are able to produce and accomplish, even after they're dead. And this is not simply out of memory, this is because they have come into life, before death reached them, they've come to a point in their life, where death is occurring, but they themselves are not dying; their body is dying, but the influence in society which persists after their formal burial, they're still there, because what they embedded in society is still inventing, it's still creating.

Just think of all the people whom you can call immortals, truly immortals, who died in the course of life, biologically, but it was those people like Nicholas of Cusa, for example, who are still living today, as a growing development of outlook and influence, still today, in some parts of the world! The function of mankind is to be immortal! Not in a merely figurative sense, but in a real sense. It is the flesh that we abandon. We are not able to hear or speak any longer, but what we have built into society could exist forever.

That is true immortality, in the sense of I Corinthians 13. And I Corinthians 13 is one of the most convenient and brief, all statements from any Christian leader from ancient times, that what he represented in that one thing, is, you turn dead, but you live on. And what is that? It means the flesh dies, but the mind continues.

This is the mystery [inaudible] of the distinction between death and immortality. And it's for the immortals, the true immortals, not the Zeusians, but Prometheans, who represent the only means, the only instrument of influence which could possibly save and preserve the human species now. I am one of those Prometheans. There are others among us, and it is we who are the only ones who have the real capability, to deal with this present situation internationally. And it is only we Prometheans, or those who become Prometheans who join with us in this enterprise, have the quality of judgment, opinion and everything else, the quality needed to bring man through the greatest threat to the continued existence of mankind, which now threatens us today.

And the sooner that my associates in our organization, get out from under their beds and start walking around, and moving things, really, not just moving around inside the room, but in the larger area than they inhabit customarily day by day, intellectually. That's what the issue is.