The only option to Avoid Thermonuclear War: Oust Obama Now!
January 22, 2014 • 2:25PM

In discussions with colleagues yesterday, Lyndon LaRouche continued to focus on the imminent danger of thermonuclear war, driven by the desperation of the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy that has been pursuing a policy of perpetual war for a century and a half — dating to the time of their defeat by President Abraham Lincoln in the Civil War. Since that time — particularly since the ouster of Bismark in Germany — the Anglo-Dutch empire has maintained control over the globe by promoting constant warfare among nation-states. When opposition to their perpetual warfare policy surfaced, they resorted to assassination, as in the case of John F. Kennedy.

Now we have reached a point where the imminent danger is of an outbreak of war that quickly escalates into a general war that is all-but-certain to turn into a thermonuclear war of extinction. It is this imminent danger of general war that has been driving certain forces globally to converge on a war-avoidance push. Yesterday, Vladimir Putin, Sergei Lavrov, Robert Gates, and Gen. Martin Dempsey were joined by former NATO Commander Adm. James Stavrides. In an interview with Stars & Stripes, Adm. Stavrides warned that the Middle East is on the verge of plunging into a religious war between Sunni and Shia that is the same as the 16th- and 17th-Century wars that ravaged Europe until the Peace of Westphalia ended 150 years of constant bloody conflict.

While taking clear note of the important intervention by Adm. Stavrides, Lyndon LaRouche warned that there is only one true war-prevention option available to mankind today: Get Obama out of office now! Give him the Nixon treatment. As oldtime syndicated columnist Nat Hentoff wrote yesterday, Obama is the most dangerous, "un-American" president in American history and he must be impeached. LaRouche added that Obama is merely a tool of the British Empire. As an agent of the British Empire, Obama thinks he can do whatever he pleases with no regard for the Constitution or anything else. As such, he is a potential British detonator of global war, global thermonuclear war. It is for that reason that he must be removed from office by Constitutional means before he detonates global conflagration.

LaRouche noted that Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is yet another British detonator for general war. But the key is Obama. He must be removed from office. That is the only viable solution to the war danger. We are rapidly reaching the point where general war is inevitable if Obama is not removed.

Just look around the globe. The provocations targeting Russia directly are escalating by the day. Ukraine is a target of major asymmetric warfare. The demonstrations, pushed by the EU and the Obama Administration have petered out, so now hardcore neo-Nazis and soccer hooligans are being thrown up against the police in escalating violence, hoping to provoke an over-reaction and a renewed regime change opportunity. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov delivered a pointed warning to the EU and Washington, during a press conference in Moscow Tuesday morning, not to interfere in the sovereign affairs of Ukraine. Similar blunt warnings have been delivered by Russia to the Saudis as well, who are still bankrolling the asymmetric war plans against Russia in the spotlight timeframe of the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics which start Feb. 7.

LaRouche observed that Russian President Putin and some of his closest advisors are veterans of the Soviet-era KGB and are adept at conducting subtle sabotage, surprise, and disruption operations against their would-be enemies. The Anglo-Saudi networks behind the ongoing irregular war against Russia — a war dating back at least to the time of the First Chechen War in the mid-1990s — are so corrupt that they can in fact be easily disrupted.

But the danger of a flight-forward provocation—in Syria, against Iran, in the North Caucasus, in Thailand, on the Korean peninsula—will only escalate as it becomes more and more clear that the entire Anglo-Dutch system is hopelessly bankrupt and set to implode. This is precisely why it is of the utmost priority to rally all patriotic forces to give Obama the Nixon treatment now. With Obama safely out of office, the number one detonator for global general war is removed. Nothing short of that will address the problem of 150 years of perpetual war now coming down to the imminent threat of thermonuclear conflict.

The concert commemorating the death of JFK in Boston on Sunday demonstrates that there is the potential of performing miracles and of instilling a surge of cultural optimism that is mankind's most powerful weapon against the oligarchy.

In a similar vein, LaRouche is urging the Chinese government to use the successful Moon rover mission to outflank the problems they face and open the eyes of those segments of the Chinese population who are still suffering. Give them a sense that their destiny can and will be changed. For China, the Moon program is a potential "JFK moment" to go beyond the scientific and technological breakthroughs to inspire their people to look to the stars.