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January 22, 2014 • 4:27PM

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PROMETHEUS: But of wretched mortals he [Zeus] took no notice, desiring to bring the whole race to an end and create a new one in its place. Against this purpose none dared make stand except me—I only had the courage; I saved mortals so that they did not descend, blasted utterly, to the house of Hades. This is why I am bent by such grievous tortures, painful to suffer, piteous to behold.
CHORUS: Did you transgress even somewhat beyond this offense?
PROMETHEUS: What’s more, I gave mankind fire.
CHORUS: What! Do mortals now have flame-eyed fire?
PROMETHEUS: Yes, and from it they shall learn many arts.
— Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound

In Aeschylus’s play, the Olympian god Zeus has the immortal Prometheus chained to a rock, where his liver will be devoured by an eagle every day, only to grow back at night. Zeus has done this to punish Prometheus for aiding humanity, for giving us fire, poetry, astronomy, science, metallurgy, and agriculture: for giving man knowledge and power.

This is not a mythical story; it is not idle fiction or entertainment. The history of the empires and oligarchies that have ruled and plagued so much of mankind over our existence is a very real expression of the Zeusian outlook: that the majority of human beings are to be ruled over by the power—capricious power—of a few, and that they are to be kept stupid and ignorant of their true potential.

This is just as true now, today, as it was at the time of the American Revolution, and at the time of Aeschylus. Not only politics, but also culture, art, and science suffer from the ongoing imperial reign of the tradition of Zeus. It is now time—given the political and economic crises facing the world—for the truth of Prometheus to reign.

The webcast will present the true nature and history of mankind: a creative force on this planet, as can be traced through the applied use of successive forms of “fire” in the development of metallurgy, physical chemistry, the electricity revolution, and the prospects for an new era of thermonuclear fusion.

This demonstrates mankind’s unique nature and mission: to develop whatever domain he inhabits, to improve the conditions of the world around him for all human beings.

The historical principle of Zeus, in one expression or another, has stood in violent and deadly opposition to all these developments. The recent decades scourge of the “zero-growth” ideology of the green movement has brought the United States and Europe to the immediate brink of total collapse and mass death. This must be reversed, and an insider’s view of the knowledge that brought humanity where it is today is the antidote to monetary thinking, and the basis for developing a beautiful future.

Join us for a webcast discussion on these themes!


Our last two webcasts were successful, and a lot of fun, too! Help organize the event by setting up viewings and engaging in the discussion. Email your questions and thoughts to or via Twitter with #GiftsOfPrometheus, or send a link to your video question on YouTube. We will be broadcasting via Hangouts on Air, and will have video connections at select screening locations. Contact your local LaRouchePAC office to learn how to participate with an audience or ask a question live via video.

Webcast Topics:

• Prometheus as true history.
• Mankind’s “fire” – why nuclear fission and fusion power are essential today.
• Forms of environmentalism have kept people backwards for millennia.
• Physical chemistry: transforming the world around us to improve our ability to live and learn, including:
Metallurgy – five thousand years of transforming rocks to metals.
• Modern chemistry – superstition and alchemy gave way to a scientific study of matter.
• Electricity and electrical materials – once a curiosity that came from rubbing amber, electricity now accounts for half of all power use.
• The nuclear age – great power comes in a small package.
• Economic policy: Ukraine wisely decided not to join the European Union suicide club, and instead is orienting towards Asia. Why is China going to the Moon, while America is going broke?


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