Developing Items, January 23rd, 2014
January 23, 2014 • 1:04PM

These are a few items that is monitoring today, we aim to post followup material, as these stories develop. They are just brief sketches of material, not full reports yet, and as such, are somewhat informal.

  • Alabama State Rep. Tom Jackson has introduced a House Resolution 75 to memorialize Glass-Steagall-- first memorial to reference all 4 Congressional bills.
  • The Watchdog group called the Privacy and Civil Liberties Board, set up by Congress in 2007, has issued a more than 200 page report whose conclusion is being prominently covered in the New York Times, Washington Post, and otherwise: namely, that the NSA bulk collection program is illegal, not authorized by the Patriot Act Section 215, and should be stopped.
  • Interesting note on the law-firm which produced that Human Rights report being used to attempt to side-track the Syria talks, Carter-Ruck. It is reported by a journalist named Cartalucci that this firm has represented Yasin al-Qadi, the known al-Qaeda terrorist who has been prominent in Turkish-Syria operations.
  • The Washington Post becomes the first "major" paper, to our knowledge, to come out and call for threatening air strikes against Assad (again) if he doesn't make the concessions Brahimi demanded on humanitarian aid. Lead editorial today.
  • Putin spoke to students at the Military Engineering and Physics Institute (now renamed) yesterday, and in addition to reiterating need to maintain nuclear arsenal at present, apparently addressed the question of support for the "science cities."
  • Ukraine: the situation is very nasty, being characterized in the Russian press as at a "point of no return." Demo reported outside U.S. embassy in Kiev by pro-government people, saying stop interfering in our domestic affairs. Threats of sanctions from EU. Former Ukrainian president Kravchuk, a liberal, came out calling the situation on Hrushevsky Street "a real war." Declined to characterize opposition forces carrying out the fighting. Said opposition leaders should clarify whether the fighters on Hrushevsky St. are theirs or not. Expresses appreciation for what the police are going through on the Maidan.

    There is a declaration from deputy head of Svoboda that the "People's Rada" has been formed--presidum is Yatsenyuk, Klitschko, and Tyahnybok. Seeking to be the counter-government. Meanwhile, note that there is a major coverup of the Nazi nature of the opposition, in the "major" press. Telepolis in Germany covers it, and we will look for other statements here, and in Israel, where, we were told yesterday, there have been complaints of pogroms being carried out against Jews in Ukraine.