CBO report says ObamaCare will throw another 2.3 million people into unemployment
February 4, 2014 • 6:24PM

A Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report released today is yet another arrow in the heart of the fascist ObamaCare. The report by the non-partison CBO said the healthcare law will decrease the number of full-time equivalent jobs in 2021 by 2.3 million, contributing to a $1 trillion increase in projected deficits. CBO's earlier estimate had said the ObamaCare would "only" reduce 800,000 full-time equivalent jobs.

Finding nothing good about the healthcare law, CBO Director Doug Elmendorf said in his report: "All our analysis led us to conclude the effects of the [healthcare law] on labor force participation would be a good deal larger than we had thought originally." Elmendorf said this decrease in full-time equivalent jobs would be caused partly because of people leaving the workforce in response to lower wages offered by employers, and increased insurance coverage through the healthcare law. The agency also said employer penalties in the law will decrease wages, and that part-year workers will be slower to return to the work force because they will seek to retain ObamaCare insurance subsidies.

There is a growing dissension among the elected Democrats against ObamaCare and Obama in general, and the White House is getting rattled. Obama has scheduled meetings with House and Senate members today and tomorrow. It is a foregone conclusion that the agenda of the legislators will include the CBO report—although it would be more to the point if they simply told him he had to leave office or face impeachment.