Lyndon LaRouche: Saving The United States From Extermination
February 14, 2014 • 12:48PM

"Any intention by Mis-President Barack Obama, to support the British empire (of the present, imperial Queen of England) would now be a globally extended thermonuclear-extermination of much, if not all, of the human species. There is no reason for such a war to occur now: the Eurasian sector, including Russia, has no war-like intention, were it not threatened with immediately global thermonuclear warfare. The option behind the foolish and deranged President Barack Obama, is that he is nominally a U.S. President (securing that position by British drug-trafficking means), and is more lunatic ape, in practice, than any other quality. If the United States were not under the lunacy of President Barack Obama, there could be no new world war now. . . ."