No Fracking Good!!!
February 19, 2014 • 11:22AM

One of the gravest crimes of U.S. President Barack Obama, has been his use of Fracking tactics as a crucially "Kracking" part played by the continued support of a fracking policy under the pretext of Queen Elizabeth II's avowedly pro-genocide policy (together with related pro-genocidal "green" policies). This is particularly notable for the two largest states of the United States, California and Texas. The death-rates for Americans generally, would increase geometrically with the continued support of the British interest in, in fact, an acceleration of the death rates in Texas and California: again, as against the two largest states of the United States.

Obama lied about fracking, as he has about most of his leading economics-related programs promoted in the interest of the British monarchy, not the citizens of our United States.

The effect of the Queen's programs in support of her puppet, Barack Obama, would lead, if continued, to a virtual-wipe-out of the economies of the states west of the Mississippi River, and, thus, the soaring increase of death-rates throughout the western states of the United States (except for Alaska and Hawaii— look at your map!).

Until the Sun relents from "his" current policies of practice, Obama's policies, over all, would mean virtual genocide for most of the population of the United States over the course of years to come — on that count, alone. What President Obama has done, on this account, is not only in the British interest, but mass-murderous against the people of North America.

There are solutions (provided that Obama is immediately dumped); also, consider the fact, that Obama's post-January 1st economic and social policies will, themselves mean wiping out much of the population of the U.S. Federal States in the west of the continental United States. Obama "care" is already genocidal in effect; under the influence of continued measures of "fracking," and in related schemes launched in British interests (against the vital interests of the citizens of our United States). There are already immediately urgent reasons for his immediate impeachment, inherent in his currently treasonous series of major violations of the very foundations of the U.S. Federal Constitution. It were good if Obama were impeached by Sunday! (And take him, and Valerie Jarrett, permanently back to his mistress in London, with him, at the same time.)