LEAFLET: Impeach!
February 24, 2014 • 1:46AM

My name is Lyndon LaRouche, and I’m concerned with the crisis which faces us.

We have two crises. We have a crisis of a breakdown inside the U.S. economy, and the suffering that that means. On the other side, we’re on the verge of a great war, thermonuclear war, which, if it occurs, could be the extermination of the human species, or something approximating that. We have to eliminate President Barack Obama, because as long as he’s in power, and as long as he’s exercising dictatorial powers, he no longer allows the Congress to pass legislation; he makes it himself. He’s a dictator. We have to get him out of office. I’m sure if we remove Obama from office, we will find that we will not have a thermonuclear war.