Obama Supporting Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, al-Qaeda in Syria; Collective Insanity Grips Washington
March 5, 2014 • 11:48AM

"Why Is The Mainstream Media Ignoring The Rabid Anti-Semitism In The New Ukraine Government?" is the question that attorney Michael Snyder asks in a March 3 blog post.

"In World War II," he begins, "the United States fought against rabidly anti-Semitic fascists. In 2014, the United States helps them overthrow democratically-elected governments. And the sick thing is that the mainstream media is acting an an accomplice because it is purposely ignoring or greatly playing down the rabid anti-Semitism in Ukraine. The anti-Semitism of many of the reformers that have seized power in Kiev does not fit with the narrative that the U.S. government is trying to push, so the mainstream media conveniently turns a blind eye to the fact that the United States is essentially helping neo-Nazis take power. In fact, leaders of the Svoboda Party have been appointed to numerous important positions throughout the new government."

Snyder, whose columns are frequently picked up by InfoWars.com, concludes, "But we have seen this kind of thing before. The Obama administration helped al-Qaeda take power in Libya, it is helping al-Qaeda try to overthrow the Syrian government, and now it is helping neo-Nazis rise to power in Ukraine. It is almost as if a case of collective insanity has gripped the people running things in Washington. I truly fear for what is ahead."