Kesha Rogers: "To the Fracking Environmentalists: Eat Our Dust!"
April 5, 2014 • 8:53AM

Kesha Rogers, LaRouche Democrat running for the Democratic Party nomination for Senate in Texas, issued the follow statement on Friday.

Vignette: Somewhere in Texas, a person accidentally sets their home on fire, by demonstrating how they can ignite their tap water, because nearby hydraulic fracturing leaked natural gas into the water. The family calls the fire department, and the fire chief says, "Sorry folks, we'd love to save your home, but the fracking companies have tapped all our hydrants, and with the drought, there's no water left for anything except natural gas!"

This nightmare scenario could happen sooner than you think. 88% of Texas has persisted in various stages of drought since October 2010, with the biggest shale gas reserves Eagle Ford and Barnett directly overlapping areas with some of the most extreme drought conditions. The central Texas communities of Spicewood Beach and Barnhart have already run out of water, while 46 regional water systems (covering multiple towns) could be dry by mid-summer. Six million people living in urban centers from El Paso to Denton to Brownsville, are in some form of mandatory or voluntary water restriction. The Bastrop wildfire of 2011 was the worst in Texas history, burning an area bigger than the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. 1,000-foot dust storms are raging across west Texas. Our beef and dairy cattle are at their lowest numbers since the last great drought of the 1950s, our farm crops are being devastated, and it will take years to rebuild.

Where is the leadership? Obama's insane "green" ideas are killing us. He says we should turn the United States into the "Saudi Arabia of the west" by wasting even more water in hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas, while poisoning the water systems with the gas and chemicals used in extraction. Obama says that 40% of U.S. corn production should be burned up in corrosive, inefficient biofuels, demonstrating yet another facet of his genocidal intention towards our nation.

This crisis could have been prevented, had the North American Water and Power Alliance been built, when first proposed over 50 years ago. We must launch NAWAPA XXI now, an upgraded version of the continental water reclamation project, as an emergency mobilization for the country, with nuclear desalination, several add-on extension projects, and a driver for realizing thermonuclear fusion as an energy source.


NAWAPA XXI means fundamentally breaking with the global slave labor system of "free trade" globalization, which argues that banking and industrial cartels have the right to pillage our land and labor for short-term profits, while inhibiting real industrial progress with lies about human-induced climate change. NAWAPA XXI is a true demonstration of real physical production and an increase in the productive powers of labor of our society. It is the embodiment of true scientific progress. But it can only be realized if we topple this dictatorship of money, and restore the Constitutional credit system, making protected credit available for such long-term progress. To do that, Obama must be impeached from office, and Glass-Steagall must be reenacted. We can do it, if you mobilize around my campaign for the U.S. Senate, and force reality into the discussion.