LEAFLET: "The Cable Has Been Cut" · British Empire's 'Bail-In' Driving Thermonuclear WWIII
April 5, 2014 • 10:39PM

LaRouche's "Typical Collapse Function" pedagogical graph provides the best tool for understanding the process now underway. Since the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the launching of the Vietnam war, the rate of growth of the U.S. physical economy has been negative. Against that, a hyperbolically-rising growth of total financial aggregates (such as derivatives) was buttressed by growing monetary assets. During this phase of the growth of the speculative financial bubble, at a certain point the rate of growth of monetary aggregates had to exceed the growth rate of the financial assets, just to keep that asset bubble from bursting — a policy sometimes known as "bail out" or "quantitative easing." With the shift to the British Empire's attempted "bail-in" policy, a process of uncontrolled implosion of financial aggregates has been unleashed — like the free-fall of an elevator from the 70th floor of a building.