Sivkov: Efforts to Suppress Opposition to the Kiev Regime could lead to World War
April 10, 2014 • 10:26AM

If the Kiev regime moves against demonstrators in eastern Ukraine with armed militias backed by foreign mercenaries, the inevitable intervention by both NATO and Russian forces could lead to world war, warns Dr. Konstantin Sivkov in a series of articles posted on the VPK news website in recent days. In an article dated April 8, Sivkov said that, in Luhansk, the demonstrators number upwards of 20,000 and could grow to 70,000 if Ukrainian security forces try to suppress them, and they have over 5,000 weapons and a large supply of ammunition. Therefore, Right Sector militias backed by American mercenaries from Greystone Limited are unlikely to disperse the crowds without massive use of weapons, but they will be able to create carnage. Efforts to eliminate the leadership of the protests will inevitably lead to large scale armed confrontation, that is, a civil war.

Civil war conditions in Ukraine will result in a NATO intervention, since NATO already has a presence in the country, via joint military exercises, and Russia will be forced to respond by sending troops into the southeast of the country. As a result, Sivkov warns, a situation could arise of contact between NATO and Russian forces, with a very high probability that there will be shooting. Sivkov reminds his readers of the incident in Kosovo in 1999 when then-NATO commander Gen. Wesley Clark ordered an assault on the Russian contingent in Pristina, but the British general in charge refused, telling Clark, "I'm not going to start World War III for you."

However, Sivkov warns, such clear-headedness is unlikely to prevail in Ukraine, where both sides will likely be involved in guerilla warfare. The leaders of all the countries involved will become captured by the changing circumstances rather than being in control—as happened with the outbreak of World War I. Under these conditions, preventing direct confrontation between the U.S. and Russia will become very difficult. He concludes: "Direct military confrontation between Russia and NATO, even if initially in a limited armed conflict, can serve as the detonator of a new world war."

Konstantin Sivkov is director of the Academy for Geopolitical Issues, founded by former Russian Defense Ministry International Affairs Directorate head Gen. Leonid Ivashov.