Ukrainian Anti-Semitism Deniers: Are You Ever Going To Tell the Truth?
April 11, 2014 • 8:42AM

The Anglo-American establishment that runs the major media is running a systematic campaign, in an attempt to deny the neo-Nazi, anti-semitic nature of the illegitimate government Washington and the EU installed in Ukraine. The latest to join was the New York Times on April 8, which claimed that for Ukrainian Jews, "the bigger worry is Putin, not pogroms." Similar lies have appeared in major media sewers such as NBCNews and the Jerusalem Post.

One strong voice against this propaganda campaign is that of Richard Brodsky, a former New York State Assemblyman, and current blogger for Demos. He wrote a blog entry in the Huffington Post on March 10 entitled "Putin, Ukraine, and Anti-Semitism: It's Real."

Brodsky cuts through the crap:

"The coverage and commentary about events in Ukraine have exhibited the worst of the herd instincts of Western journalism. The pro-Putin/Russian camp and the anti-Putin/Russian camp have painted two absolutely divergent narratives. For the pros, it's an anti-democratic, fascist putsch. For the antis, it's a people's national liberation movement.

"A plague, if you will, on both your houses. A special mention to an awful op-ed piece in Sunday's Times (Putin's Phantom Pogroms) asserting that anti-Semitism in Ukraine is a Putin fiction.

"I take no position, at least here, on the course of events in Ukraine. But anyone who dismisses the resurgence of Nazism in the former Soviet Union is, well, doing a disservice to the truth, historical memory and the Jewish community.

"The history and severity of anti-Semitism in Ukraine is of such enormity as to touch millions across the world. Much of the great Jewish migration (including my own family whose name attaches to the great synagogues in Kiev and Odessa) came from systematic murder and pillage of Jewish communities in Ukraine. The WWII murder by Ukrainians of Ukrainian Jews is in the hundreds of thousands or millions depending on who you believe."

Brodsky does not let Russia, or other European nations off the hook for toleration of the rise of Nazi parties, but he blasts those who are lying and whitewashing the reality.

"Full disclosure: I'm active in an organization called World Without Nazism which has for years been trying to get the world to pay attention to the new resurgence of Nazism. I've been to Moscow, Strasbourg and Latvia watching it happen, and to Washington to rouse an American response. It's not a phantom, it's real. And if Putin, for all his authoritarian and political agendas, is calling it out in Ukraine, Russia and elsewhere, that's a good thing."

"But Nazism is resurgent across Europe, including Ukraine and Russia, and Vladimir Putin has every right and obligation to name it and condemn it. So do we all."