German TV Exposes Kiev Regime's Lies Regarding Identity of Maidan Snipers
April 11, 2014 • 9:00AM

German's first national channel, TV ARD, published a blockbuster report on the Maidan snipers affair, titled "Doubts About Reports of Maidan Snipers," on its primetime policy special "Monitor" on Thursday night. The program's team interviewed an anonymous member of the official Kiev investigation team, who said that his own investigations do not back the official version put out by the Ukrainian investigators at their press conference a few days ago, at which they presented a list of 12 snipers allegedly from the Berkut unit.

Tapped phone communication among Berkut officers during the Maidan shootouts made available to Monitor by a Ukrainian amateur radio expert, show, however, that the Berkut were taken entirely by surprise by the snipers' action. One Berkut officer is heard asking his colleagues: "Who fired there? Our people do not fire on unarmed people." Another says a bit later: "He was shot by someone, but not by us... are there more snipers? And who are they?"

Video recordings show that the shots were fired also from the Ukraina Hotel—as Monitor was told by an eyewitness of the events, the shots were fired from the eighth or ninth floor of the hotel, and that the snipers must have been professionals. But the hotel was firmly in the hands of the Maidan movement that day, which just in the morning of Feb. 20 had introduced ID card controls and only let in people who had a key to one of the hotel rooms.

This report coheres precisely with information that our intelligence sources received from qualified Ukrainian sources at the time.

Lawyers representing the relatives of sniper victims also told Monitor that there is stonewalling by the official Kiev investigators, who have so far refused to say what kinds of weapons were used by the snipers, what expertises have been exercised during the investigation, what it actually is that they are investigating.