Helga Zepp-LaRouche's BüSo Party Leaflets into Germany's Easter Peace Marches: The Danger of World War Is Not Over!
April 19, 2014 • 12:34PM

The German political party, Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität (Civil Rights Movement—Solidarity, BüSo) founded by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, who heads the BüSo slate in the May 25 European Elections, is participating in the traditional anti-war marches over the Easter weekend, with a hard-hitting leaflet headlined: "The Danger of World War Is Not Over! For a Eurasia from Lisbon to Vladivostok!" It warns that the Geneva peace plan may have postponed the immediate danger of a Third World War, but has not eliminated it.

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"The absolute weak point of the Geneva Statement," it says, "is that 69 years after the end of World War II, the United States, Great Britain, NATO, the EU and the German government supported known Nazis in the Feb. 22 putsch, in order to expand NATO eastward up to Russia's borders. Whoever is concerned with preserving world peace must now do their utmost to expose the real circumstances of this monstrous scandal."

The BüSo asks whether NATO's military buildup in the East will now be taken down, and what will happen to the West's first-strike doctrine — from the BMD systems in Eastern Europe to the Prompt Global Strike doctrine or Air Sea Battle. What does NATO really intend to do? It denounces the idea behind the first-strike doctrine, namely, that it would be possible to win nuclear wars by developing more sophisticated weapons, cyberwar techniques, etc. But both Russia and China have made it clear that they also have second-strike capabilities.

"When the Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991, NATO actually lost its raison d'être. We should have immediately integrated Russia into a new alliance, instead of isolating it. That is exactly what we must do today, if we are to avoid a catastrophe which no historian will be around to write about. It is in the economic, political and cultural interest of Germany to strengthen positive, friendly relations with Russia, China, India and other Asian nations. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to accept President Putin's earlier proposal of a Eurasian Union from Lisbon to Vladivostok. The military component of such an alliance could be focused on fighting common threats, such as missile defense in the SDI tradition which would make nuclear weapons obsolete on the basis of new physical principles, as well as the strategic defense of our planet against asteroids and comets, and the joint fight against drugs and terrorism."

The BüSo leaflet goes on to support President Xi Jinping's initiative for a New Silk Road, a policy proposed by the LaRouche movement 25 years ago. The trans-Atlantic financial system is hopelessly bankrupt, and the bail-in will finish it off once and for all. However, "the collapse of the so-called free market will certainly not be as peaceful as the dissolution of the Soviet Union was, but will most probably set off World War III."

After a brief summary of the BüSo program, the leaflet ends with a solemn warning: "Mankind is the only known creative species. The big question before us is whether we will be able to use that creativity in time to escape from the self-extinction which otherwise threatens us."