New York Times Backtracks on Photographs "Proving" Russian Involvement in Southeast Ukraine
April 25, 2014 • 10:29AM

The New York Times has backtracked on the photographic "evidence" of Russian troops in Ukraine produced by Ukrainian authorities and endorsed by the State Department. One of the photographs purporting to show an armed group of Russians in Russia before they then went on to Ukraine, was actually taken in Sloviansk, by a freelance photographer working for a Russian news agency.

"Only now do we belatedly learn what should have been obvious: the blurry photographs provided by the coup regime in Kiev and endorsed by the Obama administration don't really prove anything," writes Robert Parry on Consortium News, in a follow-up article to one he wrote earlier in the week on the NYT's willingness to participate in the Obama Administration's war propaganda.

The fake pictures didn't put off State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki, however. She asserted that there was considerable classified and unclassified information that had led the United States and its Western allies to "make a connection between the Russians and the armed militants in eastern Ukraine," reports the Times.