LPAC Basement to Address Kesha Rogers/ Mike Steger Fusion Economy Webcast Event Today at 2 PM EST
May 3, 2014 • 1:48PM

LPAC Basement Team's Megan Beets will address a Kesha Rogers for U.S. Senate and Michael Steger for Congress Town Hall meeting this afternoon at 2 PM EST live on the kesharogers.com website.

As to why a fusion economy is a key platform of Rogers' campaign, Rogers' website states:

What is the Thermonuclear Fusion Economy?

It is how we will build our nation out of bankruptcy and collapse. Achieving controlled thermonuclear fusion will revolutionize all areas of society, increasing the energy flux density of the productive powers of labor by several orders of magnitude. Join Kesha Rogers and Michael Steger, in another joint town hall meeting between Texas and California, in a discussion of how to create the political will to reverse the killer "green" trend and create real, substantial progress in our economy.

Tune in at 2 PM EST to hear the latest assessment of how, as a nation and as a species, we can begin to solve the destructive drought conditions setting in from Texas to California.