LEAFLET: End The Drought, Develop Fusion Power!
May 6, 2014 • 9:50PM

The current drought hitting the western states may have no comparison to anything in recent history on this planet. While real scientists are indicating that this deadly drought is due to a cycle of weakening currently being experienced by our Sun, our British stooge-in-chief, Barack Obama, rather chooses to claim that it's mankind's activities and so-called "global warming" resulting from those activities that is the cause of the drought. Based on this fraudulent pretext, the Obama administration is aggressively pursuing a "green agenda" which will only result in mass death and devastation — precisely what the Malthusians on Wall Street and the City of London hope to achieve, by limiting most of the world's population. To accept this genocidal "green agenda" of low-energy-density technology and an enforced retrograde motion of technological de-evolution, would be tantamount to committing mass-suicide. Vast percentages of the current human population will simply die.

As you will read below, the only way out of this crisis that would ensure the survival of the human species, is to act according to man's Promethean nature and practice real climate change: to master the vicissitudes of solar cycles and global climate, and adopt a crash program to finally acheive thermonuclear fusion energy as the only power-source capable of powering the needed projects and giving man sufficient ability