New York Times Admits: It's Tough For Obama Democrats In Texas
May 18, 2014 • 9:27AM

Battleground Texas, a "grass roots" political organization which was set up to bring the 2012 Obama computer-driven election campaign model to Texas, is having a difficult time, according to an article in the May 16 New York Times. Battleground Texas was established to turn Texas into a Democratic state, based on using demographic data to determine where likely Democratic voters are, and then mobilize them to vote, using specially tailored messages, i.e., organizing Hispanics by cynically appealing to them on immigration reform.

The article acknowledges two difficulties they are facing. First, the Republicans have so dominated electoral politics in Texas that "no infrastructure" exists, in the form of updated voter rolls, maps of potential voters, etc. Secondly, they quote Democratic candidate for Governor, Wendy Davis, on the difficulty getting voters to vote. "Texas is not a deep-red state. Texas is a state where people have been staying home," Davis said.

The article is accurate, as far as it goes. Davis is lagging behind Republican Gregg Abbott in polls, by 10-15%, and efforts to sign up volunteers to make calls and walk neighborhoods have fallen well short of their goals. The March 4, 2014 Democratic primary drew only 546,000 voters statewide, a drop of 20% from 2012, and a drop of 44% from 1990, when the Democrats were still marginally competitive.

The collapse statewide is mirrored in every region of the state. A recent effort at Battleground Texas headquarters in predominantly Hispanic San Antonio, to set up a Thursday night phone bank operation on May 15 to get out the vote for the May 27 runoff election — which is really to support Wall Street millionaire David Alameel against Kesha Rogers — drew only six dispirited people, in addition to the two den mothers running it. As Kesha Rogers, a LaRouche Democrat running for the U.S. Senate in Texas discovered during her recent campaign tour of the Rio Grande Valley — once a solid majority for Democratic votes among the large Hispanic population — a growing number of voters have turned to the Republican Party, not because it offers any alternative, but out of disgust for what one blogger described as the "plantation mentality" and "mafia methods" of regional Democratic leaders.

What the Times article misses, however, is the real problem. At this moment of a total breakdown of the economy, and destruction of scientific and cultural education, there is a total demoralization among potential voters, a deep-rooted cynicism, a belief that nothing will change. As Lyndon LaRouche has pointedly discussed, no "pragmatic" effort, based on propitiating voter prejudices, will change this. In Texas, people either abstain from voting, or vote Republican, because they have rejected the corrupt Democratic Party which gave them as recent standard-bearers Gore, Kerry, and Obama, each in their own way flunkies of the British Empire and Wall Street.

The 2014 election is a further example of this. There is active hatred toward Obama from the majority in Texas, but the Texas Democratic Party leadership is desperately clinging to him, like a drowning man grabbing the anchor. Their choice for U.S. Senator, Alameel, a corrupt empty suit whose calling card is his willingness to hand out bags of money, refuses to debate Rogers, saying only that she is not a Democrat because she is out to impeach Obama. But he is afraid to put that out widely, knowing it will only increase her support, and his handlers are telling him that the key to victory is to reduce the numbers who vote, only mobilizing those who can be trusted to vote as they are told. Toward this end, the Alameel campaign is sending out emails and flyers, and making robo-calls, to those believed to be trusted loyalists. As for new voters, since his campaign believes, according to the Times, that they must be "reminded seven to twelve times before they will actually vote," he is ignoring them, hoping they will not vote.

Rogers' campaign, which is branching out into a full mass-organizing mode, is based on a totally different conception. The only way to break through the submission of voters to their fears and pessimism, is to inspire them, by giving them a glimpse of the great potential, embodied in her program, were they to join with her to bring down Obama, and the genocidal British Empire which controls him. While Alameel and his Battleground Texas foot soldiers are acting to suppress the vote, a Rogers' victory depends on an outreach, which brings new voters out to the polls, while activating the emotional connection to the Democratic Party of FDR and JFK, when America still had a productive, physical economy, among older voters, many of whom are former Democrats.