Obama Administration Expands British War Game in Asia: Charges China with Cyber-Hacking
May 20, 2014 • 11:10AM

In what must be seen as a move in line with the British-directed drive to create an international thermonuclear confrontation between superpowers, yesterday, the Dept. of Justice directly implicated the Chinese military in an operation of "cyber-hacking" of computers at major U.S. corporations. At a press conference this morning, Obama henchman Attorney General Eric Holder announced that charges of cyber-espionage are being brought against "5 officers" of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, all members of a shadowy "Unit 61398" who operate out of "a single building on a single block" of Shanghai.

The action runs directly counter to attempts by the U.S. military to establish closer ties with their Chinese counterparts, as shown in the visit of the PLA chief of staff Gen. Fang Fenghui, for consultations with Joint Chiefs chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey last week.

The stated victims in the case — all hard-hit by the ongoing economic collapse — include U.S. Steel and the United Steel Workers union, nuclear suppliers Westinghouse and Allegheny Technologies, Alcoa, and SolarWorld. The case grew out of a grand jury empanelled in western Pennsylvania, and the six companies named all have local connections. The information stolen was described as "significant"; specifically trade secrets, including manufacturing techniques for "tubular goods" and "seamless pipe;" and pricing strategies, which supposedly gave Chinese companies an edge in business negotiations.

Holder stated several times that the ultimate goal was to "have individuals stand before an American court of law," a virtual impossibility (since the U.S. has no extradition treaty with China), which begs the question as to what the U.S. ultimate end-game actually is in this case. U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania David Hickton, while refusing to put a dollar figure on the stolen information, brought up the "demonstrable job loss" involved, adding that, "cyber-hacking leads directly" to the loss of jobs. Holder said that the charges demanded an "aggressive" response, and that the U.S. would "use all the means available" to bring defendants to justice. When the issue of NSA spying was brought up, Holder took pains to differentiate the two, saying this was an incident of a "state-sponsored unit" involved in a case of "economic espionage."

An indictment of this sort against the Chinese has been in the works since at least early 2013, when Silicon Valley-based "computer security" firm Mandient (named in the indictment) put out a report identifying Unit 61398, and implicating them as one of several groups responsible for literally hundreds of incidents of cyber espionage in the last ten years, much of it against supposedly infrastructure networks. So now, in addition opening another flank in the British drive for global thermonuclear war, the Chinese are being set up as scapegoats for you losing your job, and for when your electricity and water go out, as well.