Ukraine Developments May 20th
May 20, 2014 • 11:33AM

EIR's Exposé of the Queen's Neo-Nazi Drive in Ukraine Spreads

EIR's latest fact sheet on the British Queen's Neo-Nazi operation in Ukraine, introduced by Lyndon LaRouche's "How History Is Closing In On Obama," is already circulating in the U.S. Senate, and is about to be distributed to the entire U.S. House of Representatives. But this is just the beginning.

LaRouche associates in Europe are preparing translations of the dossier into German, French, and Ukrainian, at the minimum. In addition, copies have been allocated for distribution at the United Nations.

EIR is the only publication to document the British imperial genesis of the Ukrainian fascists now being succored by the Obama Administration and others.

But the Russian government and media are continuing their campaign of exposé on the neo-Nazi nature of the illegitimate Ukrainian government.

Putin Appeals for End of Force in S.E. Ukraine

A statement issued from the Kremlin yesterday, on the eve of President Vladimir Putin's departure for China, appealed for "the immediate halt of punitive operations and use of force, withdrawal of troops, and resolution of the various problems through peaceful means along" in Ukraine.

The release said that President Putin welcomed the initial dialogue between Kiev and the supporters of federalization, and went on to announce Putin's order to the Defense Minister to pull back Russian forces from their training exercise on the Ukrainian border, to their usual garrisons.

This clear signal of de-escalation of tensions was met once again by scoffing from NATO, which claimed there was no evidence of a pull-back.

Obama Keeps on Beating the Anti-Russia War Drums

Days after naming Madeleine Albright, a key member of the Brzezinski-Lake-Soros-led cabal of Russia-haters as the U.S. representative to monitor the May 25 Ukraine elections, the Obama Administration has enhanced provocations against Russia by deciding to send the Ticonderoga-class, Aegis guided-missile cruiser USS Vella Gulf to enter the Black Sea, according to Russian military sources cited in Russia Today yesterday.

The Vella Gulf, armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, anti-submarine rockets (ASROC), antisubmarine and antiaircraft Standard-2 and Standard-3 missiles, is expected to enter the Black Sea on May 23, days before the Ukraine elections. Global Research reported American diplomats saying the United States "wanted to support the actions of the new Ukrainian authorities" through the presence of U.S. warships in the Black Sea. This comes as part of a wider buildup of NATO forces close to Russian borders against the backdrop of the Ukraine crisis.

NATO Can't Make War Against Russia—Unless It Is An Atomic One

The existence of an internal NATO expert assessment that has been leaked to the press (Mostly German press such as Spiegel, Welt, and others) says that NATO is not capable of defending its eastern alliance members, in particular the three Baltic states, against a Russian attack, because the conventional strength of the alliance is too weak for that. This assessment, made by the defense planning committee of NATO, is taken as an argument to boost ground, air and naval forces, but it ought rather be taken as an argument not to escalate tensions against Russia—unless someone at NATO really wants escalation to create a pretext for launching nuclear weapons against the Russians.