ARTICLE: Who Stole Fire From Mankind? The Suppression of Fusion
May 20, 2014 • 4:42PM

A new article titled "Who Stole Fire From Mankind? The Suppression of Fusion," written by Megan Beets of the LaRouchePAC Science Team, has just been published in 21st Century Science & Technology magazine. The article details the history and promise of the early fusion program in the United States, followed by its intentional suppression as part of a top down, imperial policy, run via the efforts of oligarchical neo-Malthusians who wished to preserve their fraudulently conceived myth of "limited resources" in order to enforce a condition of continued bestiality upon man. The fight for fusion in this present century is the contemporary battleground of the ancient struggle between the Prometheus and Zeus; the urgency of a fundamental revolution in science to achieve higher energy-flux densities of "fire" requires us to bring this suppression of fusion to an immediate end, and undertake a crash program to reaffirm our nation's commitment to the creativity of man. The article begins:

The achievement of controlled fusion has been at mankind’s fingertips for decades. Had the trajectory established in the early decades of the U.S. fusion program continued, mastery of fusion as a power source would already be providing nations of the world with virtually unlimited energy, would have created a qualitative transformation in our powers of industry, transportation, and medicine, and would have completely revolutionized our species’ power to transform the conditions of life on our planet through unprecedented rates of physical economic growth and development.

The failure to realize this promise is not due to its impossibility, nor to a lack of capability on the part of fusion scientists, engineers, and scientific institutions. Fusion is not “always fifty years away”; it has been deliberately suppressed under a top-down imperial policy, carried out via the mechanism of intentionally crippling budget cuts, which have created a factor of attrition strong enough to delay for decades what would have surely already been achieved. One merely has to envision where we would have been as a species today had fusion been achieved by the 1990s, as intended by leading fusion scientists in 1976.

The undermining of fusion, typified by the dismally low FY15 budget request of the Obama administration, which proposes to shut down key fusion experiments in the U.S., must immediately cease. A fully funded, accelerated fusion program as a priority national mission is at the foundation of the survival and progress of our nation, and mankind as a whole.

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