Mexican Energy Magazine Warns Against "Green" Destruction
May 21, 2014 • 10:32AM

Mexico's Oil and Gas Magazine distinguished itself by publishing a report in its April 2014 edition on the blistering attack on the new eugenics of the "green" policy delivered by Mexican biologist Hector Omar Pensado Diaz, at a March 26 forum in the Mexican Chamber of Deputies building.

Oil and Gas Magazine Mexico's story, "Green Policies: Mankind's Regression," reported that Pensado spoke at the public forum, "Infrastructure Platforms: Towards A New Economic and Cultural Paradigm," whose central subject was: "Are we going to let civilization go under with this system, or will we citizens and leaders have the necessary wisdom to move to a new paradigm of physical-economic, cultural, and spiritual development?"

The magazine did not report it, but that forum was organized by the Citizen's LaRouche Movement of Mexico.

Oil and Gas cited Pensado on how the "de-carbonization" of society; ending of the use of fossil fuels which have brought such progress and well-being to today's civilization; shutting down dams and great water projects; shrinking the energy matrix with supposedly clean forms of energy; and stigmatizing nuclear energy, are actions which really endanger the planet. "Kennedy said that river water which runs to the sea, is water that is wasted.... We must learn to modify the environment," Pensado is quoted saying.

Pensado was also reported to have compared the campaign for global warming "deniers" to face criminal penalities -- coming from such purveyors of the unproven assertion that man's activity is causing global warming as Rochester Institute of Technology professor Lawrence Torcello -- to the imposition by brute force of what Reason cannot sustain which the Nazis carried out in Germany on the racial question.

Various statements of Pensado were blown-up large, including: "From the standpoint of a biologist to impose a sense of guilt in the minds of children and young people so that they accept the ecological dogma, is driving many children to feel despair and other youth to not want to have a family, because they think having children is to pollute." Also: "Mitigating climate change is an error; mitagating poverty by energy and education is a better investment."