Obama Operative: More Unitary Executive Decrees To Come
May 21, 2014 • 10:33AM

The Senior Advisor to the President for Stategy and Communications Tuesday vowed in a Huffington Post op-ed that the Executive will take even further "unilateral" action, following on the "more than 20 executive actions" Obama has decreed so far this year.

Dan Pfeiffer wrote, "[W]e have a Republican Congress focused on virtually anything but the middle class -- obsessively trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act, ginning up politically motivated investigations, and reflexively blocking any proposal that would grow the economy and create jobs.

"Given this dynamic, President Obama has only one option -- use every ounce of his authority to unilaterally improve economic security. He is more than willing to work with Congressional Republicans, but he is certainly not going to wait for them."

Under the headline, "How to Govern When Congress Would Rather Repeal and Re-investigate Than Legislate," Pfeiffer wrote, "And there are more (decrees) on the way. None by itself is a moonshot, but taken together these executive actions represent concrete, meaningful steps to help the middle class and everyone who wants to join it.

"The best example of the president's philosophy for governing in a divided Washington is his effort to raise the minimum wage." This year Obama ordered the raising of the minimum wage for people hired on new Federal contracts. Pfeiffer implied that Obama is responsible for retailers such as The Gap raising their minimum wages; and said that because five states -- Maryland, Connecticut, Minnesota, Vermont and Hawaii -- are raising theirs that a million people will benefit.

"We have many more executive actions to come, and every day the president has charged us with looking for additional ways to expand opportunity."

The Hill reports that May 21 Obama is slated to decree the largest national monument of his presidency in New Mexico. And in June he is expected to order new carbon emissions limits on coal-fired power plants.

The Hill notes, "The accelerated focus on executive actions might further complicate efforts to pass major legislation on Capitol Hill before the summer recess, however." So the regime's assigned mission to fail will be a further success: "House Republicans have said that the president's willingness to act unilaterally is a core reason they're reluctant to move on immigration reform legislation -- one area where the White House has conceded that executive actions alone aren't enough."