Expanding NAWAPA XXI: Weather Modification To Stop Starvation
May 23, 2014 • 10:14AM

by Benjamin Deniston

"Given the level of crisis, all available scientific capabilities should be applied to the defense of the water, food, and livelihood of the people of North America, including systems to influence and control the weather. Weather modification systems can bring rain to regions of the West where it is desperately needed, providing near- to medium-term emergency relief, and can be designed to operate in conjunction with the nuclear-powered NAWAPA XXI system as it is being constructed and implemented.

"This technology is not the more familiar cloud seeding; it relies on ground-based electrical systems which ionize local regions of the atmosphere, allowing for the controlled modulation of the ionization level of the atmosphere, which in turn, affects water vapor condensation, cloud formation, latent heat release, the local conductivity of the global electric circuit, and related processes affecting the weather. This is not a theoretical project. Already, ionization systems have been used to increase rainfall in regions of Russia, Mexico, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates (plus additional operations in other nations that have not been made public)—providing multiple, independent demonstrations that have shown significant levels of success."