Filmmaker Sean Stone Endorses Kesha Rogers, Promotes Her Campaign With 1/2 Hour Interview
May 25, 2014 • 8:11AM

A half-hour video titled, "The Texas Senate Race & Impeaching Obama with Kesha Rogers," published on May 23 on Sean Stone's Buzzsaw show on TheLip.Tv, features the filmmaker's interview with Kesha Rogers, in which she had the opportunity to present herself and her platform in some depth to the public. At the beginning and end of the interview, Stone expresses his support for Rogers' candidacy, and calls on his listeners in Texas to get out and vote for her.

Stone entitles the interview "The Texas Senate Race & Impeaching Obama with Kesha Rogers." It is available at

The interview begins with the impeachment issue, where Rogers stressed the continuity of the Cheney/Bush violations of the Constitution, with those of Obama, and details some of Obama's impeachable offenses—including how he's earned his mustache with his Nazi health policy and his drive for World War III. Later, she said, "Impeachment is neither Republican nor Democratic;" it's a question of the Constitution.

In response to a question on the Democratic Party opposition, she replied that it's Obama who's not a real Democrat.

The solution, she emphasizes, is to "take the Wall Street money out of the system"—which led to a whole discussion of Glass-Steagall, and the measures which have to be taken after its enactment. Stone usefully raises the objection to spending on NASA that comes from many "down-to-earth" populists, which Kesha answered with a long discussion of how it was the dropping of such science driver/space programs which has brought us the catastrophe of the drought, and leaves us vulnerable to asteroid hits.

The concluding section came back to the election, and her resonance with various sections of the population, particularly what Stone called the "liberty movement." Kesha asserted that her campaign has demonstrated that it "can move every sector of the population."

After asking the audience to go out and vote, Kesha noted that the world is watching her campaign. When she wins, she said, it will be "a turning point to change the course of history." "The future is calling us" to act to determine that we will prevent nuclear war and other disasters, and return to Constitutional government.

In again stressing that "we support you," Stone remarked that even if Kesha doesn't win, she will have changed politics in the country.