Army Corps Of Engineers To Sign MOU With China
May 26, 2014 • 9:18AM

The Army Corps of Engineers is preparing to sign a memorandum of understanding with China to work together on helping China with its water projects. So said Lt. Gen. Thomas Bostick, the commanding general of the Army Corps at a press conference at the Foreign Press Center in Washington on May 22. Bostick said that he had been invited to China previously, but his schedule had not permitted his going. But he was confident that there would be another invitation, which he intends to accept. Bostick said that the engagement was not strictly a military-to-military relationship as the great majority of the Corps are civilian personnel.

“So it is a military-civilian (team) engaging with China for the purpose of better sharing ideas on water resource management, and that could be anything from water supply, navigation, work in ports, to flood risk management. Those sorts of things are areas of mutual concern,” Bostick said. Not long ago, officials from China’s Three Gorges Corporation also visited parts of the Tennessee Valley Authority system of locks and dams. The first drafts for a dam on the Yangtze were done by TVA engineers n the early 1940s. Bostick said that his people are always interested in learning new techniques and also understanding the challenges that other nations might have, noting that the U.S. has some very old dams and that China has kept building new dams. He said he felt that China and the U.S. could learn much from each other in such an engagement.