Putin Chastises Charles For Behavior Unbecoming Of A Monarch
May 26, 2014 • 9:18AM

Speaking to international journalists at a dinner after the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, President Vladimir Putin exercised his well-known sense of irony to effectively dress down Prince Charles for his comparison of Putin to Adolf Hitler.

"It reminds me of a proverb," Putin said. "If you are angry, that means you are wrong.... This comparison is not acceptable. It is not what monarchs do."

At another point, Putin noted that Charles himself probably realized that "this is not royal behavior." But he said that nothing surprises him any longer, after what he’s been through over the past few years.

According to Press TV, he added: "I will be guided not by what they say about me anywhere... I will only be guided by the interests of the Russian people.... We are always guided by international law and its norms."

Putin’s full comments, which included lengthy discussion of the Ukraine election, his upcoming trip to D-Day commemorations in Normandy, and the agreements just reached with Chinese President Xi Jinping, have not yet been transcribed and translated into English.

Wire reports indicate, however, that they were interrupted by phone calls from German Chancellor Merkel and French President Hollande, reportedly to discuss Ukraine, which caused Putin to leave the dinner abruptly.