Jacques Cheminade: Following the Earthquake, an Occasion for a Grand Design
May 27, 2014 • 10:47AM

Jacques Cheminade, Président of the Solidarité & Progrès party in France, made this Declaration from Paris, May 25th. Cheminade made the statement in the wake of the elections for the European Parliament, in which the overwhelming vote was cast for anti-EU parties.

Following the Earthquake, an Occasion for a Grand Design

What occurred in these European elections is what had to occur, given the lack of a real alternative. First, the victory of the National Front and the collapse of the Socialist Party, then the high level of absenteeism, and finally, the deep wrath against a Europe which has betrayed the Europeans. The moment has therefore come to seize the occasion to get out of the trap, that is the euro and the European Union.

The alternative cannot be, of course, one of withdrawal to the national borders; a grand design must be proposed, a project which can mobilize the people in our continent. France, which is no longer a Republic today, but has become an oligarchy, must build itself anew, using as an inspiration that exemplary "certain idea" left to us as a legacy by Charles de Gaulle, which Jean Jaurès defined as serving the cause of humanity. We must become once again ourselves, patriots and citizens of the world.

Let us propose to our nations and people, a Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals, and build a Eurasia from the Atlantic to the China Sea, by no longer participating in a system of false currency emitted by the European Central Bank and the City of London. Let us become inspirers of an order of "détente, entente and cooperation among the peoples."

In order to do that, a real banking reform must free us from the yoke of a financial and monetarist game, and a return to a real public credit policy should allow us, along with the other countries of Europe and the world, to finance the great projects necessary to the common good and the future generations.

When France carries the hope of the world, it is not alone. However, to do so, we must break with an ideology of impotence and pessimism, and renew the values of the Preamble of our Constitution and with the program of the National Council of the Résistance.

Do we not see that otherwise, the National Front, up to now so abundantly covered by our news media and the conditions for whose emergence was created by the current political caste, will become the spare wheel of the very vehicle now driving us toward the abyss? Can we believe it would be the bearer of "happy days"?

A new, positive horizon of peace must be given to the world; not just a change of policies, but a new historical mode of mutual development, inspired by the future, and not by past traditions, or extrapolations from the present.