Washington Post: We'll be Seeing More of Kesha
May 27, 2014 • 6:46PM

Under the title "Meet the Texas Democratic Senate candidate who wants to impeach Obama," Washington Post blogger Nia-Malika Henderson wrote a two-page story on Kesha Rogers' campaign which includes substantive content from an e-mail interview with the candidate, beyond some of the usual lying cliches. Candidate Rogers herself may have further added to the useful aspects of the article by posting the entirety of her e-mail interchange with the reporter on her campaign website before Henderson's article appeared. From the article:

"'I am reviving the true John F. Kennedy tradition in the Democratic Party, which is a commitment to progress for the nation, over blind party loyalty,' she said in an email exchange, brushing off talk that she is not a real Democrat. 'All that's left around Obama is a small group of acolytes and sycophants trying to intimidate the rest of the party into not going full steam ahead with what I represent and the true interests of the Democratic Party and the nation.'

"'Obama must be impeached, for protecting and expanding the impeachable criminality of the Bush and Cheney administration,' (Kesha) wrote. 'Glass-Steagall must be reinstated, ending the Too Big To Fail/Jail bailouts of Wall Street, while protecting commercial bank accounts, Social Security, pensions, and social safety nets.'

The article ends with this quote from Mark P. Jones, described as a political scientist at Texas' Rice University. "I would expect that we will be seeing more of Kesha Rogers in the future. She has run a much more credible campaign than any LaRouche candidate I can think of."

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