In The Real World, Kesha Wins, Alameel And The Obama Dems Lose In Texas Runoff
May 28, 2014 • 4:29PM

In an historically abysmal turnout, Wall Street-connected millionaire David Alameel was able to parlay more than $5 million of his personal fortune into an election victory over Kesha Rogers on Tuesday. Alameel was credited with 72% of the vote, to Kesha's 28%.

What is striking is the low number of votes cast in the statewide Democratic runoff for U.S. Senate. 201,008 Democratic ballots were cast, for a turnout of under 1.5% (out of 13 million eligible voters). In the runoff for Republican Lt. Governor, by contrast, over 750,000 votes were cast -- still a low figure, of about 6%, but far above the Democratic turnout.

This low turnout was the key to Alameel's "victory". In fact, it was the Democrat's "strategy", ignore the election except for mobilizing Obama loyalists, while trashing Kesha at every turn. As we found out every day, very few Texans were even aware that a runoff election was being held.

But as LaRouche pointed out Tuesday night during a staff meeting, Kesha is the only winner here, as she demonstrated the leadership qualities required to overcome the crises imposed on mankind by the dying British Empire. The Obama-linked Dem leadership of Texas has doomed its chances of gaining any ground on the GOP, by the "success" of their suppression tactics.

Kesha, in a beautiful address to supporters Tuesday night, made this point, as she emphasized that more people now than ever before are aware that the only strategic leadership in this country is coming from Lyndon LaRouche and our forces. Make no mistake about it, as reported by organizers in the run up to the election, Kesha is building a Gideon's army in Texas, and its most recent battle resonated globally. Her 52,000+ votes are hard-core, representing the potential leadership in the battles ahead, as they include many people who stood up for Kesha, in spite of threats from the thugs and caciques of the Texas Democratic Party leadership.